Full Sojourn Overwatch 2 abilities revealed: Railgun, Overclock ultimate, more

Sojourn in ow2 gameplayBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 developers have revealed lots of new information about Sojourn’s kit, including her Overclock ultimate ability.

Sojourn will be the first new hero added in Overwatch 2, serving as not only the game’s first black female character, but also its first Canadian.

While the gameplay trailer for Sojourn was leaked a day early, on April 14, the developers held a livestream going over the newest hero’s lore and her abilities in greater detail.

Here’s everything you need to know about Sojourn’s kit in preparation for the Overwatch 2 beta on April 26.

Sojourn Overwatch 2 revealed

Sojourn is the first Overwatch hero to use a Railgun as her primary weapon that will greatly reward players who are accurate with their tracking as landing shots will build up energy.

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Once enough energy has been stored, Sojourn can use her secondary fire to unleash that energy.

Lead hero designer Geoff Goodman described Sojourn as being a difficult hero to master with a high skill ceiling, so learning how to take advantage of her primary fire will be critical.

Next, her Disrupter Shot is a cooldown-based ability that will slow and deal damage to enemies caught by it. This works well in conjunction with her primary and secondary fire and could make her much easier to use.

Power Slide is a mobility ability that will, as its name suggests, let her slide quickly on the ground and even leap to higher positions to get an advantage.

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“We wanted to add a vertical element to her kit to enable her to quickly access high-ground vantage points and help solidify her role as a mobile damage hero,” Senior Hero Designer Josh Noh explained in a blog post.

Sojourn Overwatch 2 skillsBlizzard Entertainment
Sojourn is a very high skill hero.

Sojourn Overclock ultimate details

Her ultimate ability, dubbed Overclock, completely buffs Sojourn’s railgun to extreme new levels.

With it, her railgun will be automatically charged and her shots will pierce enemies dealing high amounts of damage. “We wanted it to feel almost like the hitscan version of a Genji Dragon Blade,” Noh said. “You will have a limited time to make a big play… or you could miss all your shots.”

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Given the comparisons to Genji’s Dragon Blade, it will be interesting to see how the hero pairs with other characters such as Ana who can further power Sojourn with a Nano Boost.

You can try out Sojourn for yourself once the Overwatch 2 beta goes live on April 26, so be sure to sign up now.