Full Overwatch 2 Sojourn gameplay trailer leaked ahead of developer livestream

Overwatch 2 Sojourn gameplayBlizzard

The full Overwatch 2 Sojourn gameplay trailer has leaked online ahead of Blizzard’s official developer livestream set for April 14.

With the first Overwatch 2 Beta finally drawing near, Blizzard is slowly beginning to ramp up its news cycle. Following on from a brand new lore video on April 13, devs announced a full Sojourn reveal was locked in for the following day.

Before we could get to that livestream, however, the entire gameplay trailer has spilled out online, revealing everything from Sojourn’s kit to fresh designs of fan-favorite characters in the upcoming sequel.

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While the footage itself has leaked from a Chinse Overwatch account, we can still discern a great deal of information from the trailer. 

Right out of the gate we see Sojourn’s primary weapon fire. The upcoming Damage hero appears to have a fully automatic weapon similar to that of Soldier: 76.

Each magazine seems to pack over 30 rounds, meaning players will be able to hold down the trigger for quite some time with each burst.

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Next on display comes Sojourn’s slide ability. While we don’t yet know the official name of this maneuver, it’s evidently a major part of her kit. 

Not only can the hero cover a great distance with her slide, but she can use the ability to dodge enemy attacks and even find new lines of sight underneath opposing shields.

Sojourn in OverwatchBlizzard
While Sojourn can’t climb walls like Genji or Hanzo, her slide and leap abilities certainly make her an agile hero.

Further into the trailer, we see what appears to be another movement-based ability as Sojourn leaps into the sky. This paves the way for a unique area of effect (AoE) projectile.

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Upon shooting an orb out of her left arm, Sojourn’s AoE ability casts a massive sphere in the area. Enemies caught within this sphere appear to take damage over time.

Last but not least, the gameplay trailer also reveals what can only be Sojourn’s ultimate ability. After charging up her weapon, the character unleashes a powerful railgun shot that can seemingly pierce through multiple enemies.

In just one shot, Sojourn was able to take out a B.O.B., Wrecking Ball, and Ashe all in one fell swoop.

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This leaked footage aligns with earlier reports on Sojourn’s kit. Players first grew concerned with her supposed abilities in March, even leading to a developer response as Blizzard assured the hero still has “more rounds of significant balance” to go.

With the full reveal just hours away, we’ll be sure to keep you updated here with any further dev comments from the upcoming livestream.

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