Electrifying Overwatch D.Va skin idea is the Pokemon crossover we need

Overwatch Pokemon skin conceptThe Pokemon Company / Blizzard

Overwatch’s D.Va is certainly no stranger to the world of video games, but this Pokemon-themed skin takes this passion to the next level. 

D.Va is one of the most popular Overwatch characters in the game. Not only is this deadly tank capable of unleashing some truly terrifying amounts of damage, she invariably does it in style. Over the years, Blizzard has introduced all kinds of stylish skins for D.Va, with some of the most popular being Black Cat and Officer. 

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While these official D.Va skins look fantastic, there are times where Overwatch fans wow us with their own concepts. The latest D.Va skin idea that takes the crown for its design is none other than amandazerepp’s Pokemon-themed D.Va skin. The world of Pokemon and Overwatch have never collided, but this concept proves they most definitely should. 

Pikachu D.Va Trainer concept

D.Va Pokemon trainer Blizzard
D.Va is one of the most popular heroes in Overwatch.

While many D.Va fans will undoubtedly know that the Tank has a love for video games, amandazerepp has taken this a step further. The talented artist has transformed the mech pilot into a Pikachu-loving trainer. 

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Tokki has been given a yellow coat of paint and now features Pikachu’s iconic lightning bolt tail, rosy red cheeks, cute button nose, and pointy ears. The mech’s arms and legs also feature Poke Balls on them, further displaying this trainer’s love for Game Freak’s electric mouse. 

If that wasn’t enough, D.Va herself has been completely transformed. “Her outfit is inspired by Red from Pokémon. I hope y’all like it,” said amandazerepp. Well, D.Va certainly looks the part, and her electronic Pikachu headband really rounds off the look. 

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It’s clear that Amandazerepp has put a lot of time and effort into creating this Pokemon-themed design and we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next! 

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