Overwatch Lucio skin concept is the Greek God Overwatch 2 needs

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch Lucio skin idea forest
Blizzard Entertainment, York Museums

Overwatch’s Lucio has some of the game’s coolest skins, but this stunning skin idea completely transforms the lovable support character.

One of Overwatch’s most beloved characters is iconic DJ support, Lucio. The Brazilian has speed boosted himself into the hearts of avid players, with his playful attitude and quirky style making him one of the game’s most-played heroes.

Coming into Overwatch 2, the title’s highly anticipated sequel, Lucio will be getting a cyberpunk-style overhaul. Sporting neon green dreadlocks and a sleek ebony outfit, fans can’t wait to wallride through the streets of Rio in style.

Before all of that, though, one fan has transported the musical virtuoso back to a time when things were a lot more simple with this stunning skin idea.

Lucio fights in Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment
Lucio has got a bit of an upgrade coming into Overwatch 2.

Overwatch Lucio skin concept is a radical new look

The brainchild of budding artist KochiMane, this Lucio skin harkens back to Greek mythology. A time where an extensive pantheon of Gods controlled the universe, Lucio has joined their ranks with this futuristic Satyr look.

Transformed into the stunning nature spirit, our favorite Brazilian sports a curled pair of ram horns alongside his iconic dreadlocks, which cascade down across bare shoulders that would easily have you mistaking him for a tank instead of a support.

His Sonic Amplifier has been given a historic makeover, looking not dissimilar to the horns on his head. Riding into battle on chocolate brown robotic skates (with neon inlays, of course), this creative take on Lucio is truly one for the ages.

This skin is part of KochiMane’s ongoing mythological series. Having created what he refers to as “Asclepius Mercy,” based upon the God of the medicinal arts, Satryr Lucio is just the companion in combat that she needs.

Will we see this version of Lucio riding around Ilios’ ruins anytime soon? We’ll have to wait and see, but hopefully coming into Overwatch 2 we’ll see some more historical skins make the cut. After all, wouldn’t Sigma make a great Hades?