Doctor Mike plays Overwatch 2 as a healer

doctor mike overwatch 2Blizzard, Doctor Mike

In a recent video, licensed doctor and YouTuber Doctor Mike used his expertise to play a healer in an Overwatch 2 match.

Mikhail Varshavski, better known online as Doctor Mike, rose to fame a few years ago after People Magazine named him The Sexiest Doctor Alive.

On YouTube, the doctor and content creator has garnered quite the following, boasting well over 10 million subscribers on his Doctor Mike account.

Much of the content revolves around reaction videos and delivering fact-based information about hot topics. But one recent video saw the good doctor serve as a healer in a game of Overwatch 2.

Doctor Mike takes his healing skills into battle in Overwatch 2

Doctor Mike recently uploaded OW2 gameplay to his YouTube channel, which features him trying to employ real-life healing skills to the in-game action.

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Of course, the doctor took on the role of an Overwatch healer, Moira, but things didn’t go exactly as planned. The first match played came to an end fairly early since Doctor Mike’s teammates kept leaving the game.

The second game started off well enough, with Doctor Mike even making a new friend in voice chat. Throwing out healing orbs early as a “preventive medicine” tool especially seemed to do the trick.

However, the opponent came roaring back strong enough to secure the win. But at least Doctor Mike won “Play of the Game” as Moira.

In addition to practicing family medicine and making good plays in Overwatch 2, Doctor Mike has also made quite a name for himself as a boxer.

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Late last year, he appeared in a poll featuring a list of potential KSI opponents. The jury’s out on whether or not such a match will ever take place in the ring.