Doctor Mike “surprised” by KSI naming him as potential boxing opponent

YouTube: Doctor Mike/KSI

YouTuber Doctor Mike has revealed his surprise at being named on a poll from KSI about his next potential boxing opponent. 

With KSI confirming that he’ll fight again in January on a boxing card that will also include Logan Paul, plenty of fans have been looking to see who he might face this time around. 

There have been rumors about Joe Fournier, a businessman-turned-boxer with a 9-0-1 (No Contest) record. Though, the British YouTuber has also been crowdsourcing ideas as well. Back in mid-September, he put out a poll, asking fans if they’d want to see him fight Tyron Woodley, Dillion Danis, Doctor Mike, or Slim Albaher. 

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Mike ‘Doctor Mike’ Varshavski might not be the most recognizable name to some KSI fans – seeing as he did finish last in the voting – but the YouTuber has made waves in the boxing world. He beat iDubbbz back in May on the Creator Clash card, and he’d be willing to tear it up with KSI too. 

Doctor Mike shocked KSI named him as potential opponent

The YouTuber, who has over 10 million subscribers on the platform and focuses on health content, told Mirror Fighting that he was shocked his name came up on the poll, but he’s glad he’s getting some recognition for his skills. 

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“I was surprised, just because KSI and I have never really had any interaction,” the YouTuber said. “I think his team sees that we’re taking this seriously, they understand the value that we bring with the huge social media following that we have.”

Varshavski did note that he might get “more opportunities” if he can put in a “great showing” against Chris Avila on the Jake Paul vs Anderson Silva undercard

Seeing as KSI eventually wants to fight Jake, there’s no doubt that he’ll at least keep an eye on the event and how things go down. 

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Should Mike continue his winning streak, he’ll put himself in the conversation for bigger fights, and it’d certainly be interesting to see him in there with KSI – should it ever happen.

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