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Dallas Fuel’s Effect gets destroyed by insane Widowmaker shot in ranked Overwatch

Published: 16/Oct/2018 19:08

by Joe O'Brien


Dallas Fuel’s Hwang ‘Effect’ Hyeon fell victim to some incredibly unfortunate timing during a game of ranked Overwatch.

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Effect was practicing his Genji on Volskaya when he died to a seemingly impossible shot by the enemy Widowmaker.

The enemy team held the high ground on the left side of the first point (as seen from the attacking spawn-side) and Effect saw a perfect opportunity to dash through them. Before he had even completed the movement, however, he was picked out of the air by a headshot from the sniper.

Naturally, Effect reacted with utter incredulity at what initially appeared to be a shot that would require inhuman reactions. Even the greatest Widowmakers in the world couldn’t hope to hit a Genji mid-dash, especially at such close range.


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If the shot raised any suspicions of hacking, however, they were immediately cleared by the kill-cam. Far from hitting the greatest flick-shot of all time, the enemy Widowmaker wasn’t even aware of Effect until the elimination registered in the kill-feed.

Widowmaker had instead been aiming for a Zarya that was down on the point beneath them, but with some incredible luck and timing managed to headshot Effect as he dashed past. The Genji wasn’t even visible in the kill-cam.

Genji’s dash may be so fast that it almost looks as if he teleports from one location to the next, but he does still physically travel as he performs it, making it possible to hit him during the dash. As can be seen by the kill-cam here, however, doing so requires an immense amount of luck, as trying to deliberately keep up would be almost impossible.