Overwatch streamer team jebaits enemy with brilliant Widowmaker cheese strategy

Declan Mclaughlin
widowmaker nerfed in ow2

The Overwatch 2 esports season has kicked off with teams starting to compete in qualifying matches around the world. A team consisting of streamers showcased a brilliant bait strategy to give themselves an easy early team fight.

The Overwatch Champions Series has begun around the world as players team up for a shot at international competition in the esport. The new open system, spearheaded by FACEIT and ESL, allows players to team up with or without organizational backing and duke it out for a shot in the circuit.

Thanks to the new system, streamers, casters, and former pros can also try their luck in the circuit to see just how far they can get.

One of the more high-profile streamer teams, consisting of Luminosity Gaming content creator Christopher ‘Jay3’ Pavloff and Overwatch caster Scott ‘Custa’ Kennedy, showcased an incredible jebait in one of their matches to the awe of their viewers.

Overwatch streamer pulls off brilliant Widowmaker jebait

The strategy involved Jay3 switching to three different DPS heroes in a matter of seconds. The streamer started the match, in the spawn room, as Pharah and then quickly switched to Widowmaker as the doors opened on Attack.

The player grappled out and immediately picked off the enemy Hanzo. After securing the kill, Jay3 was pulled back into the spawn room by his ally on Lifeweaver and switched his hero to Tracer.

The team then had an easy early-game team wipe and was able to secure the first point.

While not a revolutionary strategy, the bait went off without a hitch and was showcased live on stream for the opponents to watch back later. Jay3 and his team Overwashed did not manage to qualify for the Group Stage of the qualifier, however, despite winning multiple matches across the qualifier.

The streamer team will have to wait for the next stage of qualifying matches before they can try out this insane bait once again.