Rainbow Six Siege leaks reveal potential punishment system for console M&K players

Sens key art with Rainbow Six logoUbisoft

A set of Rainbow Six Siege leaks have shown off a possible punishment system for players that are using Mouse and Keyboard on their consoles.

Parity is important in a game like Rainbow Six Siege, and putting players on a level playing field is integral to the game’s design. While Mouse and Keyboard is the preferred input of the PC community, the console version of the game is intended to be played on a controller.

Both Xbox and Playstation support M&K use though, so throughout the game’s long history, some players have decided to stack the deck in their favor and use the ultra-precise aim of a mouse to get an advantage over the competition.

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If these recent Year 8 leaks are to be believed, then Ubisoft could finally be putting an end to this behavior.

Rainbow Six Siege’s potential console Mouse & Keyboard punishment system revealed

In a screengrab of the alleged leak, the text explaining how it works is prominently displayed.

“On consoles, mouse and keyboard players now get a penalty that adds lag to their inputs. Continued use increases the lag over several matches, increasing fairness by removing their unfair advantage by making it harder to aim and shoot,” the explanation reads.

“Completing matches with a controller gradually reduces the lag back to normal. This feature will be monitored closely.”

This means that the penalty would accumulate over time and would take multiple matches of ‘playing fair’ to work off.

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Some fans have raised concerns over the implementation of a system like this, citing things like accessibility settings and taking away M&K from players who may not be able to afford gaming PCs strong enough to run Siege effectively.

These questions may eventually be answered if Ubisoft actually implements the system into the game, but for now, fans will simply be left to speculate.

The official Year 8 Reveal is going down on Sunday, February 19, and with the promise of “a new era” in the game, there’s a chance those answers could come sooner rather than later.