Colorful Overwatch Echo skin idea takes disco to a whole new level

Overwatch Echo skin ideaBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s DPS omnic, Echo, has divided the fanbase since her 2020 release, but this stunning skin concept will catch the eye of players everywhere. 

Echo may have been the last hero to join the Overwatch fray, but that certainly doesn’t mean that the community’s artistic fanbase have neglected her.

The subject of many an interesting skin concept, we’ve seen her transformed into an iconic 90s Skydancer toy, as well as a bizarre Dark Souls-inspired techno mage.

This time around, though, she’s getting her groove on in true disco style with this amazing ‘Disco Punk Echo’ skin idea.

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OWL Echo SkinBlizzard Entertainment
Echo continues to polarize fans everywhere, just as her OWL MVP skin implies.

Overwatch Fan creates colorful Echo skin

Ready to hit the clubs with fellow raver, Funky Baptiste, graphic artist Zach ‘Zurkon’ Ruschill has created a stunning design that would be perfect for injecting some fun into the normally stoic robot.

Seen decked out in gold armor with a black faceplate, the magenta, pixellated band is somewhat reminiscent of the iconic French electronic music duo, Daft Punk. This pink banding decorates the inner segments of her sparkling metallic plating, making her stand out from the rest of her fellow clubbers.

Attached to the back of her skull is a rotating disco light, which glows all of the colors of the rainbow. We can imagine it rotating with every shot she fires, bathing enemies in a dazzling hue of neon before she sends them six feet under.

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From the tip of her head down to the stiletto-style heels that form her feet, this Disco Punk Echo idea is absolute perfection.


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He’s even included a silver version to show off what that would look like! Personally, the gold takes it for us, though.

With fans calling the design “amazing” and showering it in fire emojis, it’s safe to say we’d love to see something like this make it into either the current game, or it’s highly anticipated sequel.

So will we ever see Disco Punk Echo breaking it down in Busan’s karaoke bar? Or will it be a more polite affair at Paris’ cabaret? We’ll have to wait and see!

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