Stunning 90’s-inspired Overwatch skin concept would be perfect for Echo

Blizzard Entertainment

As the 1990s slip further into the history books, one Overwatch fan has created a Sky Dancer Echo skin concept inspired by the iconic 90s toy. 

Despite claims that Overwatch is has hit a bit of a wall with new content, the game’s community is still going stronger than ever.

Creative juices are at a peak right now, with one cosplayer pulling out this stunning Mei cosplay, while another artist unveiled a terrifying yet adorable Goofy inspired Roadhog skin.

A new concept is on the block, though, and it transforms DPS nightmare Echo into a toy that any 90s child will instantly recognise.

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OWL Echo SkinBlizzard Entertainment
Echo’s OWL MVP skin is a far cry from this new skin concept.

Overwatch fan creates Sky Dancer Echo skin concept

In a dedicated Reddit thread, user Guto92 writes that their “girlfriend made this Echo skin concept as part of her portfolio to apply to a school to become a concept artist.”

Inspired by the classic 90s “Sky Dancer” toys, which allowed users to launch a beautiful fairy style doll into the sky by pulling a string, everything about this idea is perfect.

Dressed in pastel colors, Echo is seen sporting a baby pink and blue bun, just as the toys used to. Her ‘skin’ is dyed a deep pink, with her ballet style outfit channeling every color of the rainbow. It’s one of the few concepts we’ve seen take on a more human version of the DPS omnic, and it’s pretty spectacular.

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It’s the wings, though, that really attract attention. With the toys always renowned for their colorful butterfly-esque wings, Echo’s robotic boosters have been transformed into minty green fairy wings that look like they’ve come straight out of a fairytale.

Not only is this skin beautifully designed, it’s such an iconic throwback to our childhood. In unstable times, a smile can really brighten your day, and this idea will really make you grin.

Guto92 writes: “I’m really proud of her [their girlfriend] and wanted to share,” and we’re glad they did. We can’t wait to see more future designs, especially if they’re as nostalgic as this one!

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