Overwatch Echo skin idea turns hero into a tech-savvy mage


Echo was the last hero added to Overwatch before the sequel and while she’s plenty powerful on the battlefield, her cosmetics still leave some fans wanting more. 

One artistically talented fan has come to the rescue though, with a fantastic original idea that makes it look like the DPS has journeyed to the world of Dark Souls.

Concept artist Carolina Amorim designed what she calls the “Cyber Mage” skin for Echo, and like we just mentioned, it looks like the hero’s been taking fashion advice from DS1’s Big Hat Logan.

So, why do they call him Big Hat Logan? Do you really need us to explain it?

Just like the mage in Dark Souls, the first thing you notice about this Echo skin is her almost-comically large hat, perfect for a wizard though, and a look that would make Logan himself proud.

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The hat is just the tip of the iceberg, or skin concept, here though. The high-flying DPS is adorned in flowing robes and plenty of gold on top of that, and altogether she looks like she could be a boss in FromSoftware’s infamous series all on her own.

Blue crystals seem to make up the rest of her body, which makes us think Carolina may have actually had the Dark Souls series on the brain when she made this, as those and the hat together remind us of another character from it — DS3’s Crystal Sage (which also rhymes with “Cyber Mage”).

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We would argue, having played both DS3 and Overwatch, that Echo is way more annoying an opponent than Logan or even the Crystal Sage. Maybe because once you finally do kill her — she just keeps coming back.

Carolina Amorim
“Is that… Dark Souls boss music?” is what support players would ask if this skin were real.

As we said at the beginning it’s been more than a year since Echo was released and let’s be honest: very few of her skins have the same “wow” factor we see for other heroes.

Bird of Paradise added for the Anniversary event is alright, but we think something like Amorim’s Cyber Mage would be a real hit, and not just for the fact it would make finding her head hitbox about a million times easier, either.

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