Brigitte Voice Actor Explains How to Pronounce the Overwatch Hero’s Name

Joe O'Brien

The voice actor for Brigitte has clarified the proper way of saying the hero’s name.

Brigitte has been perhaps the most troublesome hero so far in terms of common mispronunciations of her name.

Daughter of Torbjorn Lindholm and squire to Reinhardt, Brigitte is the most recent hero to have been added to the game. She’s a Support hero whose skill-set, in particular the stuns she offers, have shaken up the game’s meta perhaps more than any other new addition.

When Brigitte was first released, there was a tendency among many fans for whom English is a first language to pronounce her name with two syllables and a soft ‘g’ in the middle. Being Swedish, however, Brigitte’s name is actually supposed to be pronounced with a hard ‘g’ and an third syllable at the end for the ‘te’.

The initial confusion eventually mostly passed, with most fans adopting a more accurate pronunciation of the name. According to Brigitte voice actor Matilda Smedius, however, many still aren’t getting it quite right.

In a short video explaining the pronunciation, she highlights that many fans pronounce the name ‘bri-geet-tah’. While it’s certainly a lot closer than the totally anglicised ‘bri-jit’, it’s not totally accurate to the perfect pronunciation, which is more like ‘bri-git-teh’.

It’s a more subtle distinction, and not significant enough that it need worry fans who simply want to be able to identify the hero. For those who want to do justice to the true pronunciation of the name, however, you can learn from the voice of Brigitte herself.

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