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Brigitte Voice Actor Explains How to Pronounce the Overwatch Hero’s Name

Published: 15/Jun/2018 4:48 Updated: 10/Oct/2020 18:24

by Joe O'Brien


The voice actor for Brigitte has clarified the proper way of saying the hero’s name.

Brigitte has been perhaps the most troublesome hero so far in terms of common mispronunciations of her name.


Daughter of Torbjorn Lindholm and squire to Reinhardt, Brigitte is the most recent hero to have been added to the game. She’s a Support hero whose skill-set, in particular the stuns she offers, have shaken up the game’s meta perhaps more than any other new addition.

When Brigitte was first released, there was a tendency among many fans for whom English is a first language to pronounce her name with two syllables and a soft ‘g’ in the middle. Being Swedish, however, Brigitte’s name is actually supposed to be pronounced with a hard ‘g’ and an third syllable at the end for the ‘te’.


The initial confusion eventually mostly passed, with most fans adopting a more accurate pronunciation of the name. According to Brigitte voice actor Matilda Smedius, however, many still aren’t getting it quite right.

In a short video explaining the pronunciation, she highlights that many fans pronounce the name ‘bri-geet-tah’. While it’s certainly a lot closer than the totally anglicised ‘bri-jit’, it’s not totally accurate to the perfect pronunciation, which is more like ‘bri-git-teh’.

It’s a more subtle distinction, and not significant enough that it need worry fans who simply want to be able to identify the hero. For those who want to do justice to the true pronunciation of the name, however, you can learn from the voice of Brigitte herself.



Overwatch Halloween Terror 2020 skins revealed: Echo, D.Va, Sigma

Published: 10/Oct/2020 19:22

by Theo Salaun


During the 2020 Overwatch League Grand Finals, Blizzard Entertainment finally revealed the 2020 Halloween Terror date and a few skins, including some incredible options for Echo, D.Va, and Sigma.

Halloween Terror is one of the Overwatch community’s favorite annual events and this year appears to be no different. With a surprise reveal during the OWL broadcast, fans finally got their first chance to see this October’s scary hero mashups and find out when they’ll be able to start unlocking them.


Whether it’s Echo’s new Coraline-esque nightmare fuel, Flying Dutchman Sigma, Werewolf Winston or nine-tailed fox D.Va, the 2020 Halloween skins are, to put it lightly, very fun. And they’ll be available from October 13 to November 3.

Halloween Terror 2020 skins

In 2019, skins like Pharaoh Ana and Scorpion Widowmaker made a splash among the Blizzard title’s fans. Those, and ones from earlier years like Jack O’ Lantern Wrecking Ball, are finally unlocked for purchase again, but at a discounted price.


As for 2020’s new skins, Brigitte and Sombra each get cool zombie versions, but Echo’s terrifying, hapshod puppet monstrosity is a creepy cut above the rest. With visible stitching and patching, the hero’s stained outfit is as sharp a contrast to her normal, sleek look, as creatively possible.

Then there are the three legendary tank skins, one for D.Va, one for Winston, and one for Sigma. D.Va is pale, dressed in similarly pale, tattered garb, with snow fox ears jutting out and nine ghostly tails she pops out of her MEKA, which is based on the traditional Korean homes called Hanok. 

Sigma’s skin finds the literal Flying Dutchman with glowing green skin and an intimidating pirate’s outfit, complete with a captain’s hat and a skull emblazoned upon his breastplate. Finally, Winston’s is simple: on Halloween, the gorilla scientist turns into a werewolf.


When is Halloween Terror 2020?

It turns out that very shortly after the October 10 reveal, fans will be able to start grinding out their preferred skins and jumping into the Junkenstein’s Revenge PvE mode.

Halloween Terror will run from October 13 to November 3, giving a few weeks to open those loot boxes and secure all the spooky looks you can.