Blizzard Reveals New Skins Coming for Overwatch Anniversary Event

Joe O'Brien

Blizzard has begun to reveal the new skins coming with the Overwatch Anniversary in-game event.

The Anniversary event will celebrate two years since the full release of Overwatch, and is set to offer a huge amount of content.

Running from May 22nd to June 11th, the Anniversary event will not only introduce a new Deathmatch map and Competitive playlist as well as new cosmetic items, but also bring back every cosmetic item and Brawl from all previous events.

While the opportunity to revisit old content and pick up skins that otherwise no longer be available (or at least not for some time) is certainly one to look forward to, as always the greatest interest from players is in the brand-new skins that will be released.

Blizzard has promised eight new Legendary skins and three new epic skins. While most remain a mystery, two have now been revealed by the official Overwatch account on Twitter. Soldier: 76 is getting a cobra-themed skin called “Venom”, while Tracer receives a fairly self-explanatory “Lightning” skin.

In addition to these, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan also hinted at another skin in the latest Developer Update, which many fans have taken to mean that a “Tuxedo Doomfist” skin is on its way. The original event announcement also revealed a Pirate Junkrat skin.

With the two skins having been released in fairly close proximity to one another and the event still several days out, it seems likely that more will be revealed before Anniversary arrives in-game.

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