Blizzard reveals Jack-o-Lantern skin for Wrecking Ball

Everyone’s favorite genetically engineered death hamster, Wrecking Ball, is getting an all new skin for Overwatch’s Halloween event.

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The skin transforms Wrecking Ball’s mech into a Jack-o-Lantern and also gives Hammond a new, wide smile look to match.

Wrecking Ball’s new skin will be its first event exclusive since the character launched on July 24.

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Hammond turns into a demonic creature with an apparent sack over his head and pointy ears sticking out.

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His mech control panel features a lit candle, which may be visible in first person view while playing Wrecking Ball.

A fan designed a Wrecking Ball skin for the Halloween event that turns Hammond into Cinderella and the mech into a chariot.

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Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event begins on October 9 and runs until October 31. A number of event skins have already been revealed, including a headless Pharah and a spider Widowmaker.

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