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Blizzard Announces Collaboration Between Overwatch and Lego

Published: 21/Aug/2018 19:57 Updated: 21/Aug/2018 20:52

by Virginia Glaze


With Gamescom underway, Overwatch appears to be getting a few upcoming announcements.

Overwatch isn’t just getting a new animated short. On August 21st, the Overwatch Twitter posted a Tweet revealing an upcoming collaboration with Lego, bringing fans a new line of toys based around the game’s iconic heroes.

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The Tweet embedded a video, which teased a total of six playable characters.

Thus far, the video has revealed Mercy, Genji, McCree, Soldier 76, Ana, and one other hero as upcoming figures in the line.

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Those aren’t the only toys the franchise will see, either: Overwatch has likewise partnered with Hasbro to bring a line of NERF toys to the market, as well.


On top of this, Blizzard has announced an apparel line through Uniqlo, bringing Overwatch-themed clothing to the masses alongside some of the company’s other titles. Games like Diablo and Starcraft were also mentioned as being part of the project.

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It’s a good time to be a gamer. With a wide array of upcoming merchandise, Blizzard fans will have to make room in their budget to fit their gaming fancies.

Gamescom is taking place in Cologne, Germany, from August 21st – 25th. Fans can catch the action on Gamescom’s official Twitch channel. Be sure to check it out for Blizzard’s upcoming content announcements and more!