Blizzard address complaints over unplayable Overwatch Warlock Ashe skin

Joe O'Brien
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard have responded to complaints that the new Warlock Ashe skin that arrived with Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror event makes the hero harder to play.

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The latest in-game event went live on October 15, as always bringing with it a host of new cosmetic items.

For many players, the new skins are the highlight of events – especially Halloween Terror, which has produced some of the most popular skins in the game. For Ashe’s new Legendary skin, however, players soon discovered an issue.

Players quickly discovered an issue with Ashe’s Warlock skin.
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The Warlock skin is inspired by the World of Warcraft class of the same name, and sees Ashe sporting characteristic demonic horns, while B.O.B. is transformed into an Infernal, one of the demons that Warlocks can summon.

The version of Ashe’s Viper rifle that comes with the skin, however, gives the weapon a new sight to aim down, but players quickly complained that it is too obtrusive, making it harder to actually see what they are aiming at.

The original Warlock Ashe sight.
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Given that being able to accurately aim down the sights is crucial to playing Ashe successfully, as the Viper is more precise and deals more damage when doing so, for many players the obstructive sight on Warlock Ashe makes the skin effectively unusable.

Fortunately, Blizzard have been fairly quick to respond to this issue, with game director Jeff Kaplan himself taking to the Overwatch subreddit to show off the updated version of the sight that will be added soon.

Kaplan didn’t give a specific timeline for when the update will go live, saying “we’re still working out a timetable to patch this fix in, thanks for your patience.” Given that the new design seems complete already, though, players hoping to use the skin likely won’t have too long to wait.

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Blizzard Entertainment
The new sight for Warlock Ashe.

Regardless, it seems players who like the skin other than the original sight should feel comfortable investing their credits in picking it up, knowing that at some point they will actually be able to use it without hindering their ability to aim.

As with all event skins, Warlock Ashe will only be available to unlock during the Halloween Terror event, either by a lucky drop in an event loot crate or buying it outright for 3000 credits. Those who don’t pick it up before the event ends on November 5 will have to wait until next year for another chance.