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Artist creates amazing Overwatch x Street Fighter concept art

Published: 27/Dec/2018 2:22 Updated: 27/Dec/2018 2:46

by Alan Bernal


Overwatch enjoys a huge list of heroes to choose from and each have incredibly inventive, detailed skins that give a whole new take to the character, but a new fan created crossover may just be worth (street) fighting over.

Blizzard released Overwatch on May of 2016 and its characters has since been the focus of countless fan recreations, and the latest one merges the heroes in game with classic characters from a legendary series.

An artist simply known as Mezio has created an incredibly unique spin on Overwatch characters by drawing them in homage to Street Fighter figures to amazing results.


Mezio’s rendition of the roster of characters is enormous, but each one is as intricate as the last with notable markings, poses, props, and more seamlessly integrated to the Overwatch lineup.

Overwatch’s Hanzo got the top honors by getting donned with Ryu’s red headband and white training garb, while Ken is naturally portrayed by Genji with a creative visor-headband combo.

Notable entries are Pharah as the brash Makoto that retains elements of the soldier’s Egyptian origins, Hammond as the most adorable E. Honda to grace the internet, and Symmetra as Menat whose design is clean and balanced between both characters.


Although many pointed to the choice of Winston being Akuma instead of Blanka, the artist clarified that he did intend to recreate him as Blanka, but made the tough call incorporate the iconic Akuma in the set instead.

The crossover is the latest in ingenious reimaginings for Overwatch’s band of unique heroes and villains, but is one of the most well designed to date.