Arcade-style ‘Bullet Hell’ Overwatch Workshop mode is brilliantly chaotic

Joe O'Brien
L: u/Ghibliomatic, R: Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch player has used the Workshop to create an incredible “Bullet Hell” game mode.

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The Workshop is a scripting tool that gives players the ability to change the fundamental rules of Overwatch when creating custom games, offering a huge scope for creativity in coming up with new modes.

Having been released to the live servers on May 21, the Workshop is finally in the hands of the entire Overwatch playerbase, meaning even more opportunities for epic new game modes.

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One player, u/Ghibliomatic, has now used the Workshop to create an Overwatch take on the classic ‘bullet hell’ genre of top-down shooters, in which players must avoid massive waves of projectiles.

Blizzard Entertainment
The Workshop has proven to be one of Overwatch’s most popular features.

The mode takes place in the skies above Lijiang Tower’s Garden point. Two teams of up to six players can face off in a brilliantly hectic arcade-style battle for control.

As well as surviving the incoming projectiles and trying to take out enemies, the goal for each team is to hold in the central zone marked out by a red square, for which they earn points over time. The first team to reach 120 points wins the game.

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To create the requisite chaos, various heroes’ abilities have been adjusted such that they can fire out shots at an incredible rate.

Those that wish to try out the mode for themselves can do so by importing it with the share code VH0FQ.

The creator has also stated their intention of expanding the game mode, adding a deathmatch-style free-for-all with hazards on the map, as well as a traditional single-player scrolling bullet hell mode. This also isn’t u/Ghibliomatic’s only creation, having also been responsible for the Bastion Dogfighting mode.

Many Overwatch players have expressed their own creativity through the game via the likes of fan art, cosplay, or concept designs, but now between the Workshop and the new Replays feature, Blizzard are opening up powerful tools for players to show off that creativity with.