Overwatch player creates terrifying horror game mode in the Workshop

Bill Cooney

One creative Overwatch player has made a new mod in the Workshop mode that makes Genji even more terrifying than he ever was before.

The Hidden was, and still is to some, a popular source mod for Half Life 2. The game put a team of players up against a single, invisible and very powerful player known as, you guessed it, ‘The Hidden’.

A Redditor known as Chehtan decided to bring the mod to Overwatch using the new Workshop mode, which finally makes custom games like this possible.

The Hidden was a popular Half Life 2 mod.

IT is hungry

In The Hidden, one player gets to be an invisible Genji who can stick to walls, and dispatch enemy players fairly easily if they’re on their own.

Players who are the troopers can pick up powerups which gives them weapons from various Overwatch heroes, but not their abilities. The mode has all new abilities for members of the so-called ‘Intervention Team.’

One interesting feature is the addition of friendly fire, which Overwatch players won’t be used to at all, and if a player kills a teammate 3 times they’ll be marked as a ‘traitor’ and eliminated.

Chehtan included a detailed list of abilities for the Intervention Team and The Hidden along with the teaser video for the new mode, which thanks to the new Replay mode, looks pretty impressive as well.

What’s coming to Overwatch?

Besides the new Workshop and Replay features, Overwatch Director Jeff Kaplan said there would be more major new content coming to the game this summer.

Exactly what that would be remains a mystery, but he did say that the next new Overwatch hero, Hero 31, would be out sometime this summer as well.

The Workshop and the Replay system have already given players a whole new way to play the game and with even more new content on the way, 2019 could end up being a very big year for Overwatch.