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Amazing Overwatch anime intro would be perfect for animated TV show

Published: 14/Jun/2020 21:56

by Bill Cooney


It’s no secret there’s a large overlap of Overwatch and anime fans, but one player took things to a whole new level by creating an entirely original, hand-drawn anime intro featuring the game’s heroes.

Overwatch contains a number of nods and outright references to various animes, but one thing we still haven’t seen yet is an actual animated series set in the game’s universe.

While we did see leaks earlier in 2020 that could indicate an OW series is coming to Netflix, it obviously hasn’t happened yet. Not wanting to wait any longer, Reddit user ryugawasabi decided to create their own anime-style intro, and the results are incredible.

It features all of the heroes we know and love from the game, like Tracer, Genji, and Pharah, along with the rest of the roster. ryugawasabi didn’t just take the characters and put an anime spin on them, they actually recreated a number of scenes from the lore as well.

Winston’s bittersweet upbringing on Horizon Lunar Colony is referenced, and the battle between Hanzo and Genji from the “Dragons” short gives us some serious Sasuke and Itachi vibes.

I made an OW anime opening! from r/Overwatch

Moira has already been firmly established as a weeb in the Overwatch canon. She has a number of sprays that reference various animes, and her ultimate is basically a move straight from Dragonball Z, but it’s never looked better than in this video.

Reaper is his usual edgelord self in the intro as well, and doesn’t seem too pleased with Doomfist’s operation of Talon, but that arc probably won’t happen until Season 2.

Lucio and Sigma, along with Ashe and B.O.B. are thrown in towards the end, but there are a few heroes who are completely absent.

Our faces, when we see a new Overwatch patch drop.

Perhaps taking a page out of Blizzard’s own playbook, Zenyatta is nowhere to be seen in the intro, which makes sense, since he’s also been absent from any and all lore provided by the publisher as well. Baptiste is also missing, but maybe that’s just because he’s getting his own fan series – who knows.

While we wait for an actual Overwatch series to hopefully come out, at least we have talented fans willing to take matters into their own hands to satisfy our cravings.


Overwatch devs reveal new Priority Pass details as feature hits PTR

Published: 20/Nov/2020 1:03

by Andrew Amos


Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan unveiled the new Priority Pass system designed to cut queue times on November 16. Now, new details about the feature have been revealed as Blizzard looks to ship it live, first taking a detour past the Public Test Realm (PTR).

Blizzard have heeded players’ calls to fix queue time problems in Overwatch, implementing a new Priority Pass system.

The feature lets players jump the queue for popular roles at that time so they can get into game quicker. There is a pay-off for this privilege ⁠— you have to queue Flex originally, earning passes for wins and losses while doing so.

Segment begins at 2:35

“The goal of the system is to speed up queue times for everybody, and the way this is done is by highly encouraging the behavior that people queue for as many roles as possible, that’s the way to make the queue move as fast as possible,” Jeff Kaplan told players.

However, with the Priority Pass feature hitting the PTR on November 19, Blizzard have revealed more details about the system, and when we can potentially expect a release.

The Priority Pass system will work better the more players there are in queue. If you have a Priority Pass and start queuing for a role when there’s thousands of players looking for a game, you should notice a cut in queue times ⁠— especially for DPS mains.

The Priority Pass is expected to be a more long-term fix to compared to “band-aid” solutions in the past.

“The populations of the three roles are very different. Mathematically, it’s difficult to get around that, so Priority Pass is really about trying to equalize the populations queuing for games,” designer Scott Mercer said.

If you queue up in a team, not everyone will have to use a Priority Pass to be put in the fast-tracked queue. Only the players queueing up for “impacted roles” (mostly DPS players) will have to spend passes.

The game will also display exactly how much time you’ll be cutting off your queues by using a Priority Pass, so you can choose whether to use it or keep it in your pocket for a better time.

Blizzard, however, has warned players testing the feature that they shouldn’t expect drastic cuts in queue times on the PTR.

Blizzard Entertainment
DPS mains will get the most use out of Overwatch’s Priority Pass system.

“The Priority Pass’ ability to reduce queue times is heavily dependent on the number of people actively in queue. This means that if you use a Priority Pass on PTR, your queue times may remain relatively unchanged compared to queueing without using a Priority Pass,” community manager Josh Nash said.

“Our goal on the PTR is to test the stability of the feature rather than its efficacy at reducing queue times. We will get a better idea of the efficacy of the reduction to queue times once the feature reaches a much wider audience in the live environment.”

The Overwatch Priority Pass feature is now live on the PTR. It will be added to live servers in the coming weeks.