10-year-old Overwatch player celebrates insane Mercy clutch

Alec Mullins
Mercy's breast cancer awareness skin in Overwatch

Overwatch is as competitive as any game out there so when a 10-year-old Mercy pulled off a wild clutch her dad couldn’t wait to share it with the world.

Overwatch can be a tough experience even for the most experienced FPS players. Featuring a roster of 34 Heroes, it takes a while to pick up on every character and how to play around them.

However, that potential learning wall didn’t stop this talented ten-year-old from leading her team into the fight and coming out with a sick game-winning play along the way.

10-year-old Mercy player celebrates clutch Overwatch play

In the video that was initially shared on Reddit, the young lady puts together a 3-part sequence that shows off an impressive awareness and in-game IQ for such a young player.

She duels another Mercy, downing her with a headshot, before flying back to heal her Roadhog and get their fallen Orisa back into the fight all within a matter of seconds. Not to mention that all of this happened while her team was actively pushing to end the game.

Her dad’s comments were wholesome enough, labeling himself “a proud father of a gaming family” but the community continued to drop praise for the young padawan learner.

“She is better than me when playing as Mercy for real,” one commenter admitted.

Another player stopped to question how many times they might have been outplayed by someone so young. “I wonder how many 10-year-old battle Mercys have killed me over the years?”

While this is definitely a highlight worth remembering, the proud dad says she’s already got her eyes set on making it into Gold, so she’ll have plenty more of these kinds of plays along the way.