Shroud is concerned New World beta may have “burned out” players before launch

Shroud is concerned New World beta may have "burned out" players before launchAmazon Games / Twitch: Shroud

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek revealed he’s concerned that the New World beta may have “burned out” players before the official launch and believes it could impact some streamers, too.

New World’s beta phase is done and dusted, and it’s safe to say it was a resounding success.

Some streamers like Asmongold were quick to criticize bugs and issues, which is an inevitable part of the process. However, many others like Shroud were full of praise and have high hopes for its future.

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However, considering how hard some people went in the beta and the fact progress doesn’t carry over to the full game, shroud’s concerned some players could get burnt out before the official launch.

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New World’s beta phase was a huge success.

“All these streamers are grinding the beta so freaking hard. It’s crazy,” he said.

“The game’s great, don’t get me wrong. [But] putting all that much time [only] for it to go away, it kind of just that just hurts my soul. I can’t take being that level and putting in all that time just to lose it.

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“‘Do I think people are going to get burnt out before the game actually releases?’ Some people, yeah. But it depends on the person.

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“A regular player will get burnt out before the game comes out. But if you’re looking at streamers, their burnout phase ties in with their channel viewership.”

He explained that streamers who consistently get many views will keep going and won’t get burnt out. However, if their viewership is inconsistent and the numbers plummet, they’ll get burnt out like anyone else.

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Fortunately, if any players do feel burnt out after going hard in the beta, they’ll have an extra month to recover now that the official launch has been delayed until September 28.

So, while it’s bittersweet news for fans who already miss losing themselves in the game, it will help weary-eyed adventurers rejuvenate themselves in time for the release.

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