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Asmongold slams “garbage” New World as bugs dominate beta

Published: 31/Jul/2021 17:59

by Jaret Kappelman


Twitch streamer Asmongold is the platform’s king when it comes to MMO’s and his word is key to a lot of people. As a result, he’s been playing the New World closed beta, but he’s disappointed with Amazon’s offering.

New World has been highly anticipated in the gaming community for quite some time but has seen its fair share of delays and setbacks.

The game is now set to release on August 31, 2021, but for now, excited players can access the game through the closed beta, which ends just a few weeks before.

As a result, New World has seen a lot of high-profile streamers testing it out, and while some have kind in their assessment, Asmongold has been on the game’s biggest critics and expects better from Amazon.


new world
New World is gearing up for a full release this year, and it looks to rejuvenate the MMORPG genre.

Asmongold rants about New World being “garbage”

The Twitch star was on his second channel when a viewer said in his chat the people can not compare two games and should expect glitches.

Asmongold did not take lightly to this comment before going off on Amazon saying: “This game is f***ing garbage for it being the biggest company in the world.”

He also went on to say that New World is still a good game but with the expectations people have and the standards that Amazon is held to, it is very disappointing to see the game in its current state.

Asmongold also took his frustrations to Twitter, revealing he’d hit the magical level 60 but wasn’t sold on the PvP. “PvP in this game is mediocre at best,” the Twitch star added.


Again he went on to hit out at Amazon and called their servers “trash,” even comparing the brand new MMO to an older game in the form of Dark Souls.

Although unhappy, Asmongold has said that there will be an honest Level 60 review video coming out in the near future.

Luckily for Amazon, New World is still a month away from a full release so there is still time to fix all these issues that the community has brought to their attention.