Blocked NBA 2K23 shot rebounded with unbelievable backward catch

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An impressive rebound by Phoenix Suns’ Devin Booker has left one player stunned by the detailed animations in NBA 2K23.

Bogged down by mixed reception since launch, NBA 2K23 continues to find new ways of surprising players.

Teammates ignoring wide-open players in MyPlayer mode constitutes just one of the many complaints leveled against the basketball sim. And troubles with VC distribution and microtransactions evidently will not fade anytime soon, either.

However, not every issue with the sports game demands close inspection. Sometimes, seemingly impossible in-game feats actually work as intended.

Rebound in NBA 2K23 is the result of a wild backwards catch

“Nah, 2K needs to be stopped,” wrote Redditor AdNo7199 in response to an NBA 2K23 gameplay video they posted.

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The clip shows a player blocking a shot by Phoenix Suns Guard Devin Booker in the paint. Wildly enough, the AI-controlled Booker catches the rebound behind his back with perfect precision.

While the Reddit user who shared the video considers this a step too far, others have expressed their disagreement.

A couple of people responded to the thread saying that players can perform the behind-the-back rebound in NBA 2K23, as well. Someone else claimed this particular animation has existed since at least NBA 2K11.

Either way, NBA 2K players often find it beneficial to invest in rebounding when managing MyPlayer progress. Whether or not that means they’ll have the prowess on display in the above video is unclear.

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NBA 2K23 hit stores for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms last month, introducing a whole host of improvements to core gameplay mechanics.

Yet, many would argue the experience still has a long way to go before its truly satisfactory.