NBA 2K23 players call for MyPlayer builder rework

Brianna Reeves
nba 2k21 myplayer builder rework fan request

Despite confirmed changes to the MyPlayer Builder for NBA 2K23, some fans want a rework that boasts an attributes breakdown akin to that of real players.

2K Games and developer Visual Concepts have already detailed one major change for the MyPlayer Builder in this year’s NBA 2K entry.

Instead of animation purchases remaining tied to one save file, such purchases will be account-bound. As such, players will have the option to assign animations to more than one MyPlayer character.

Some NBA 2K aficionados still want more out of the system, though, particularly with respect to the in-game attributes breakdown.

Fans are asking for a MyPlayer Builder rework in NBA 2K23

Reddit user flips89 recently sparked discussion about the MyPlayer Builder on NBA 2K’s subreddit. The player suggested 2K should give the Builder an attributes breakdown like the one afforded to actual NBA pros.

Flips89 used a screenshot of LeBron’s stats as an example, which is complete with fields for Outsider Scoring, Inside Scoring, Playmaking, and more.

While some users think it’s an interesting idea, others were quick to express skepticism. Artsky32 argued that since so many of these ratings “don’t matter,” they probably shouldn’t be included.

Another user, Novallyy, noted how real players’ fluctuating attributes throughout the season could pose a problem.

The original poster said they’d welcome fluctuating ratings; _VaultOfGlass_ chimed in with a suggestion of the system simulating “hot/cold streaks” based on the MyPlayer character’s performance each game.

Of course, the discussion later turned into a question of whether 2K Games would ever put in the effort to implement such a feature.

Players can determine for themselves how much the MyPlayer Builder has improved when NBA 2K23 launches on Friday, September 9.