Simple NBA 2K23 build change will save players so much VC

Brianna Reeves
nba 2k23 animations build changes

NBA 2K23 will tie animation purchases to player accounts as opposed to save files; as such, users won’t have to spend as much VC in MyPlayer.

Purchasing animations in MyPlayer can prove rather tricky under certain circumstances, especially for those who prefer to have multiple builds at the ready.

In previous NBA 2K releases, spending VC on an animation only applied the purchase to one MyPlayer character.

Thus, even if someone wanted to use the exact same animation on a second character, they would have to re-buy their selection of choice.

Developer Visual Concepts is, thankfully, flipping the script for the basketball sim’s upcoming outing.

Changes to NBA 2K23’s animations in MyPlayer will save VC

Amid outlining details about NBA 2K23’s gameplay enhancements, 2K and Visual Concepts unleashed a Courtside Report that also highlighted adjustments to the build system.

One major change ensures animation purchases for the Player Builder will be “account-bound rather than specific to one save file.”

If a player assigns a certain animation to their playshot build, then, that same animation can also be equipped to their slasher build.

This quality-of-life refinement will work wonders for saving VC, which NBA 2K faithful have already begun to celebrate on Reddit.

A number of Redditors were quick to dub the move a “big W” for 2K. However, others remain somewhat skeptical, evidenced by the likes of Mega_pooh_bear and bkmike23 questioning whether this means animations will start costing more VC upfront.

That much hasn’t been clarified as of yet, though it, admittedly, does not seem beyond the realm of possibility.

After all, 2K is the same company that keeps catching heat for in-game ads that users criticize with each new release.

NBA 2K23 hits Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms on September 9.

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