NBA 2K23 fans demand “broken” three-second violation fix for next game

Lawrence Scotti
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NBA 2K22 players are calling on the 2K developers to fix the game’s lack of paint violations which they’re calling “brokenahead of 2K23’s release.

Despite NBA 2K23 being just around the corner, dedicated basketball fans are still grinding 2K22 right up until the final hour.

2022’s version of the basketball sim was one of the most popular installments in the franchise, but also came with a bevy of gameplay hiccups that hardcore hoopers have called out numerous times.

Now, 2K players are calling out arguably the most egregious of all of the gameplay errors in 2K22.

NBA 2K22 players want three-point violation fix

jimmy butler in nba 2k22
Jimmy Butler is one of the best players in NBA 2K22.

YouTuber NBA 2K Tutes uploaded a video on August 3 that grabbed the attention of much of the 2K community.

In the video, they show off how players in 2K22 have been able to hold the ball in the paint and pump-fake as many times as they want without being called for a violation.

He demonstrated how the line for the paint aren’t necessarily accurate and occasionally players with a foot outside the paint are called for a three-second violation, proving the pant lines are bugged. On top of that, players with the ball who are parallel to the hoop who pump-fake aren’t called for three-second violations for over 10 seconds.

It’s also possible that the player who is pump-faking has their pivot foot slowly move as they fake their shots and could be resetting the timer for the violation, although it’s not confirmed.

2K players are hopeful the developers can provide a fix for 2K23 as pump-faking has been an abused strategy since 2K22 first came out, as there is seemingly no penalty for infinitely faking a shot near the rim.

Hopefully, for hoop fans sake, Visual Concepts can deliver a change.

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