NBA 2K22 player stunned as Warriors 4x NBA champ joins their game

Ryan Lemay
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Some NBA players spend their offseason on vacations, but the grind doesn’t stop for NBA star Draymond Green. The four-time NBA Champion allegedly joined one lucky fan’s 2K22 MyPark lobby.

Draymond Green is fresh off winning an NBA title with the Golden State Warriors. The 32-year-old power forward loves to talk trash on the court, which translates perfectly to NBA 2K22, specifically MyPark.

MyPark is a game mode where you play against other people using your MyPlayer. There is a ranking system, and based on Green’s rank, he is not just your run-of-the-mill Park player.

An NBA 2K22 player claimed to play with Green for over three hours in a Rec lobby. The Rec is a five versus five pickup game mode

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One thing is clear, gameplay will not be taking a backseat as the franchise continues to grow.

Draymond Green plays NBA 2K22 with fans

An NBA 2K22 player claimed to team up with the Warriors star for over three hours.

Also, possibly making a guest appearance in the lobby was Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell, but some people believed that it may have been a Twitch streamer instead.

The player stated, “In the second picture, zoom into his face, and you can see he has the official 2K scan, including a beard style you can’t just get on your MyPlayer.”

One user theorized, “It was more than likely Draymonds son. He is always on the game I run into him so much. I’m not saying it wasn’t Draymond on the sticks, but usually, it’s his son playing.”

A third player claimed to play once with LeBron James and claimed that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar was a “ball hog.”

Hop into a Park game yourself and see if you can find any NBA players enjoying some downtime in their offseason.

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