NBA 2K22 MyCareer Rebirth explained: Quest, rating boost, free badge points

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NBA 2K22 Season 2 is coming with tons of new features, but the biggest hype is surrounding the exciting new Rebirth feature being added to MyCareer. Here’s everything you need to know, including rating boosts and free badge points.

NBA 2K22’s brand new season, Build Your Empire, is all about Michael Jordan, Fall, and bringing about some major changes to the 2K22 landscape.

There are loads of new features coming to both MyCareer and MyTeam, ranging from exciting new Halloween XP rewards, quests, events, NBA 75 celebrations, and so much more.

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But, above all else, 2K fans are excited about the season’s new Rebirth quest. Who doesn’t love free badge points and making multiple MyPlayer builds?

What is 2K22 MyCareer Rebirth?

2k22 season rewards2K Games
Rebirth comes along with these exciting new Season 2 XP rewards in MyCareer.

Rebirth is a new quest coming along with Season 2 that allows you to create new MyPlayers with free badge points and a higher attribute max right away.

Fans can only access this quest if they are over 90 overall in MyCareer. At that point, next-gen players will head to the ATM by the NBA store to pick up the quest, while current-gen people will have access to it once reaching 90 overall.

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After this, the quest itself is relatively easy. Current-gen players will simply need to complete 10 3v3 games with the quest active, while those on next-gen have the option between 3v3 or 2v2 for their games.

Once completed, you will be able to create new MyPlayer builds with Rebirth save files. This can be done more than once and offers the following benefits, per the official 2K blog post.

Next-gen Rebirth benefits

  • 30 badge points
  • Access to 90 overall immediately

Current-gen Rebirth benefits

  • 20 badge points
  • Skips 10 pre-completed MyPoints levels (similar effect as next-gen)
2k22 season 2 cancha del mar2K Games
The Cancha Del Mar will be getting a makeover when Season 2 rolls around, full of Fall color and festivities.

While you’ll still start at the usual low overall rating, the added badge points are massive when it comes to making a player competitive right away.

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This will remove a lot of the grind involved with making a new build, allowing you to try out playing new positions and builds you otherwise may have avoided, like some of these Guard and big men builds, for instance.

However you slice it, fans have no reason to be upset with this new addition. Unless, of course, you just spent the time to grind through a new build like some have.

When does Rebirth go live in 2K22?

Some have already posted on Reddit saying that they have access to the Rebirth quest, so it appears that it has already gone live.

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One excited player was joking that they went ahead and completed the quest, just in case 2K decided to change their mind and revert the update.

No official patch notes have been listed at the time of this article’s publication, but those will likely be coming very soon to detail the new Season 2 features.

But, keep an eye on our official 2K news page for updates on the patch when it eventually drops as well as plenty of guides and builds for NBA 2K22.

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