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Kevin Durant goes on insane win streak in NBA 2K22 ahead of 2022 season

Published: 6/Oct/2021 22:59 Updated: 6/Oct/2021 23:02

by Connor Knudsen


NBA All-Star Kevin Durant has been logging some serious hours on 2K22 this offseason and went on an insane winning streak last night alongside some 2K content creators. 

After the conclusion of the NBA Finals in late July, the offseason was officially in full swing, giving players some much-needed time off. For some, that meant lavish vacations and traveling abroad, but for others, it opened up some quality gaming hours on NBA 2K22.

With preseason underway and the 2022 season opener only a couple of weeks away, some superstars are logging their last few hours before they lace up and get back on the court.


Kevin Durant appears to be one such player trying to move into the season on a high note, evident in his absolutely dominant win streak last night in the park.

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Kevin Durant is one of the best players in 2K, and looks to also be one of the best players at 2K.

Kevin Durant 2K22 win streak

Alongside a 2K content creator named Josh ‘Choc‘ Humpries and 2K league player Stephen ‘SlayIsland‘ Lay, KD and the team put up 50 straight wins in 2K22.

KD verified the results, posted by Choc, in a Tweet following the night of wins, which quickly blew up on Twitter.

Choc is a popular YouTube content creator for 2K, with over 200,000 subscribers on his channel.

After last night’s insane 50-game win streak, it’s only a matter of time until Choc likely posts the video for fans to check out on his channel. But, at the time of this article’s publication, no video has been posted, leaving fans to only imagine the hype that went into that final 50th game.


For Durant, he’s hoping that he can go on another 50-game win streak when the NBA season rolls around.

With the Brooklyn Nets stacked top-to-bottom with the likes of Kyrie Irving, James Harden, and Blake Griffin, KD may very well be back on his way to another NBA Finals appearance.