Spotify confuses everyone after roasting Lil Nas X out of nowhere

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Music streaming platform Spotify has stunned its users after roasting artist Lil Nas X out of nowhere amid his latest release.

Lil Nas X has kicked 2024 off with a bang after promising to “expose the industry.” Following a brief hiatus, the 24-year-old has released his first song in close to two years, titled “J Christ.”

However, ahead of the song’s release, music streaming platform Spotify fired some shots at the American rapper which left its users stunned, to say the least.

Lil Nas X in an Instagram picture

Spotify fires shots at Lil Nas X amid ‘J Christ’ release

In a Twitter/X post on January 12, Spotify poked some fun at the artist out of nowhere, with the platform roasting him for his “mid” music.

“LNX is back with more mid-music,” they wrote, adding the shrugging emoji.

Although many acknowledged that it was likely a marketing stunt from Spotify, users were taken aback by the shots fired from the streaming platform. “This is the most funny and smartest marketing all of time,” one wrote.

“This is definitely promo by his team but it’s still funny to see Spotify say this,” said another. “This is some of the smartest marketing I’ve ever seen holy w Spotify,” a third added.

Hitting back, Lil Nas X responded with the viral video of a man lunging at and attacking a judge in a courtroom, adding the caption: “Me at the Spotify headquarters tomorrow.”

Continuing to go along with it, Spotify replied with “waiting for you” along with several heart emojis.

Nevertheless, Lil Nas X has come under fire for the release, with streaming stars such as Adin Ross and Kai Cenat calling him out for “disrespecting” Christianity in his latest song.

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