MultiVersus datamine reveals possible Matrix character coming soon

Ryan Lemay
Neo in MultiVersus platform fighter

MultiVersus character leaks are coming thick and fast. The latest datamine reveals a Matrix character may be on the way soon.

Four confirmed characters are coming to MultiVersus during Season 1; Rick and Morty, Black Adam, and Gremlins villain Stripe.

The rapidly fast-growing fighting game already has 21 confirmed characters, and leaks suggest even more coming down the line. Leaked voice files also revealed Beetlejuice and the Wicked Witch as possible roster inclusions.

MultiVersus characters come from Warner Brother properties, opening the door for previously unthought-of and ambitious crossovers. A datamine has since revealed that a Matrix character could be the next in line, too.

an image of all characters in MultiVersus
MultiVersus features characters from different Warner Brothers properties.

Datamine hints at Matrix MultiVersus character

AisulMV, a MultiVersus prediction account, revealed an upcoming banner called “DigitalReality,” and the banner looks to be Matrix-inspired.

Fans in the comments began theorizing whether the character would be Neo, Morphius, or Trinity.

The MultiVersus prediction account also revealed a “Matrix Pattern” texture and a heart texture coming to the game.

YouTuber PapaGenos commented, “combined with Morty’s redpill bluepill quote… I know it’s just a line from the Rick and Morty show itself, but still, it was chosen to be in the game as one of Morty’s lines, and now this so…”

Matrix protagonist Neo was surprisingly not included in MultiVersus’ initial roster, and an interview with Esquire provided insight.

Keanu Reeves was asked if he would want his character Neo in Mortal Kombat. The action star responded, “Mortal Kombat is awesome in so many ways. But I think Neo and John Wick, yeah, man, they’re doing their own thing.”

Despite Reeves not backing Neo’s inclusion, Warner Brothers have the final say, and we could easily see Neo in MultiVersus or other Matrix characters if the datamine is accurate.