How to play Monopoly Go Ice Cream Partners – Dates & all rewards

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Monopoly Go Ice Cream Partners

Less than two weeks from the previous Aqua Partners, another Partners Event is live in Monopoly Go. If you missed the grand prize last time, here’s how to spin it right for Ice Cream Partners, and all the rewards. 

Ice Cream Partners in a new Partners Event in Scopely’s dice roller. Though a new theme, the vanilla is the same as the past ones, with the reward being unchanged from Aqua Partners.

That means Wild Stickers aren’t a part of the serving. Still, there are 1,000s of dice on offer, Cash, and much more.

Monopoly Go Ice Cream Partners start & end date

Monopoly Go Ice Cream Partners started on July 10 and will be available until July 15. Here are the exact start and end times for the event:

  • Start time: July 10 at 7:30 AM CDT / 8:30 AM EDT / 5:30 AM PDT / 1:30 PM BST
  • End time: July 15 at 2:59 PM CDT / 3:59 PM EDT / 12:59 PM PDT / 8:59 PM BST

You’ll have five days to see through all of its milestones and get the grand prize. Most Partner events, including the last Aqua Partners, lasted for five days, so the schedule isn’t surprising. 

Monopoly Go ice cream partners
Ice Cream Partners rewards a board token themed around the event.

Ice Cream Partners event all milestones and rewards

Below are the rewards for a single slot in Ice Cream Partners, as well as the grand prize for completing all four slots at the end:

12,500 points200 free dice rolls.
28,500 pointsCash.
321,500 pointsPink Vault: 200-300 free dice rolls and Cash.
448,000 pointsGold Vault: 300-500 free dice rolls, three-star Pink Sticker Pack, and High Roller boost.
580,000 pointsIce Cream Vault: 400-600 free dice rolls, game money, four-star Blue Sticker Pack, and Cash Boost.
Grand Prize 320,0005,000 Dice, five-star Purple Sticker Pack, Ice Cream Truck Board Token.

Rewards are the same across all four slots. So, if you see through all of these, you’ll get:

  • 5,800 dice guaranteed.
  • Cash.
  • 3,600 to 5,600 dice through vaults.
  • x4 Pink Sticker Pack.
  • x4 Blue Sticker Pack.
  • Magenta Sticker Pack.
  • Ice Cream Truck Board Token.

With 80,000 points required to complete one slot for a partner, you’ll need to score a whopping 320,000 points with your friends to get all the listed rewards. So, make sure everyone in your squad is an ice cream addict.

How to play

Just as the Ice Cream Partners event starts in Monopoly Go, you’ll see four new sections in the middle of the board. This is where you’ll build themed attractions alongside your friends. Together, there will be you and your four other friends. 

Partners event gameplay in Monopoly Go

For each slot, you have to add one friend, and in that particular slot, you and only that one friend can contribute. You both need to score 80,000 points, ideally, 40,000 each, to build, but you can carry them and score all yourself. The same goes for each of the other slots. 

As for how to score points, you do so by spinning the wheel that pops when you click on the slot once a friend is added. To spin the wheel, you’ll need Partner Tokens. 

So, to conclude, add your friends, collect Tokens, spin the wheel to earn points, progress, and get rewards. 

Tips for Ice Cream Partners events

Friends and dice are the most important things in any Monopoly Go Partners Event. Try not to group with randoms and instead look for groups in Reddit and official Discords. That way, you can also communicate and put together a strategy.

In case you’re grouping up with randoms, try to spread your spins so they know you’re participating and won’t be discouraged. But don’t do so evenly all the time, see if they’re putting in any effort too.

If you’re confident you can score 320,000 on your own, all of this won’t matter much.

Dice will be needed for Tokens, as you’ll net them through events and landing on tiles. Check out our daily events page to see which is featured today so you don’t miss them. It is also best to stock a decent amount of Tokens first, and then spin with higher multipliers.

How to get Token in Ice Cream Partners

Partner Tokens in Ice Cream Partners can be collected through Quick Wins, Events, Landing on specific tiles, and Free Gifts. This is the same as any other Partners Event.

You’ll need plenty of dice for it, so remember to always check for daily dice links and be on top of all the different ways to get them.

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