MLB The Show 21 Hard 90 event: Rules, prizes, cards & more

mlb the show hard 90 eventSan Diego Studio

A new event has arrived within MLB The Show 21, and players looking to add some stellar cards into their collection are going to want to complete it as soon as possible!

MLB The Show 21 players are no strangers to having plenty of in-game content to check out, and San Diego Studios have done a stellar job at maintaining the game with consistent updates as well as delivering new ways for players to earn cards within Diamond Dynasty.

One of these ways for players to earn cards has been the in-game events, and while they may seem daunting at first, if you play them enough you’ll be in store for some amazing cards.

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We’re going to run over the latest event within MLB The Show, along with all the rewards players will get to earn by winning games during this event!

rewardsSan Diego Studio
Players will have a chance to earn two Milestone cards during this event!

Hard 90 rules and rewards

The new event has been titled Hard 90, and this is because players will have the task of compiling a lineup that has a max rating of 90 OVR. This is one of the tricker ones within the game, and there’s no doubt we’ll see some interesting lineups to stay under that threshold.

This is really the only restriction that players will have to deal with, as they’ll be able to use all cards within their inventory. But, the 90 OVR limit is one that may be a bit challenging to stay under, mainly due to the sheer amount of incredible cards within the high 90 OVR range.

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Once you’ve got a lineup set, you’ll want to jump into some games and start grinding your way through the event. Once you accumulate enough points, you’ll be able to earn some of the following rewards:

  1. Signature Ozzie Smith
  2. Milestone Bruce Sutter
  3. Home Run Derby packs
  4. Ballin’ Is A Habit packs

The two Diamond cards obtainable within this event are going to help out with some of your collections, so you’re not going to want miss out on snagging these cards!