MLB The Show 21 – Field of Dreams event: Giolilto, LeMahieu, Clemente, rewards, more

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LeMahieu and gio
San Diego Studio

In commemoration of the Field of Dreams game happening between the Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees, SDS are adding some amazing cards within MLB The Show’s Diamond Dynasty for players to earn. 

Free cards are something that The Show players have become accustomed to over the years, and San Diego Studios has been constantly updating their game with new ways for players to improve their lineups and rotations.

Now, they’ve announced yet another way for players to earn these treasures, and two of the three cards players will be able to earn as a part of the new event are absolute musts for avid fans.

We’re going to run over all the news that’s been announced in preparation for the Field of Dreams event within MLB The Show 21.

Field of Dreams event
San Diego Studio
The new Field of Dreams is honoring the legendary game being played on August 12.

Field of Dreams rewards revealed for MLB The Show 21

In the leadup to the Field of Dreams event, SDS has revealed some of the cards players will have the chance to earn during this new event, and they’re essential to the completion of the 99 OVR Mookie Betts collection.

98 OVR Milestone Lucas Giolilto and 97 OVR Awards DJ LeMahieu were showcased in the premiere trailer for the upcoming program, and there’s no doubt these cards are going to be nasty for players looking to try something different within their Diamond Dynasty lineups.

Players will need to grind through the event itself, and battle against other players to allocate points towards their event tab. Once they’ve earned enough points, they’ll be able to access these Diamond cards.

The guidelines for the event are as follows.

  • New York Yankees players
  • Chicago White Sox players
  • All Legends
  • All-Star difficulty
  • Max Team OVR – 99
San Diego Studio
MLB The Show recently released the Team Affinity Season 3 cards a part of their All-Star event!

With the new Field of Dreams event, players are going to have a wide array of new cards to add to their collection, and we’re going to run over all the rewards below.

Field of Dreams event rewards

Along with the Giolilto and LeMahieu cards, The Show players are also going to be able to earn other 99 OVR Diamonds, and SDS are pulling out all the fireworks for this event.

Milestone Felix Hernandez and Signature Roberto Clemente are going to be the in-game event rewards for allocating enough points throughout the competition. These cards are going to go a long way for players aiming to complete their Legends and Flashback collections.

Below is a series of images, detailing all rewards within the Field of Dreams program.


Within the program, SDS has provided an ample amount of ways for players to earn these cards. As you’ll be able to complete the following activities within MLB The Show to earn points towards Clemente and Hernandez.

  • Conquest
  • Showdown
  • Moments
  • Online Missions
  • Offline Missions

Once you’ve obtained 100 points, you’ll gain access to all the rewards inside the Field of Dreams program.

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