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MLB The Show 21: Best 99 OVR card in the Field of Dreams event

Published: 10/Aug/2021 17:22 Updated: 10/Aug/2021 17:56

by Nick Farrell


The new Field of Dreams event in MLB The Show is going to offer a stellar rare round choice pack for players, and it can be difficult to decide which 99 OVR Diamond you should opt for. 

New events have become a weekly occurrence within MLB The Show 21, and SDS has been consistently implementing new ways for players to improve their Diamond Dynasty lineups, and it appears we have a brand new event to dive into.

In celebration of the Field of Dreams game happening on August 12, The Show is also having a special program for players to jump into. Battling it out with others online, you’ll have the chance to earn certain cards for your troubles.


One of these packs contains a rare round with some stellar 99 OVR Diamonds, and were going to run through which one you should choose!

Field of Dreams event
San Diego Studio
The new Field of Dreams is honoring the legendary game being played on August 12.

Who are the rare choice cards for the Field of Dreams event?

As within the choice pack, players will have 1/10 odds to choose from the following three players:

  • 99 OVR Signature Mike Piazza
  • 99 OVR Milestone Mike Schmidt
  • 99 OVR Awards Lefty Grove

All of these cards are going to contribute to your Mookie Betts collection that you’ll want to complete, and all of them are bound to help your lineup in the new Ranked Seasons.

What card should I choose?

field of dreams program
San Diego Studio
Completing the Field of Dreams program will net you Milestone Felix Hernandez.

It’s always a tricky decision when eyeing three incredible players in front of you, and this pack offers cards that one simply cannot turn down. But, with this said, we can narrow it down to two options: Mike Piazza and Mike Schmidt.


Both of these cards are going to hit for power against both hands and will be able to crush balls during online matches. So, the choice is really in your hands, but no matter the decision, you’re going to get a stellar card to use within the game.

While Lefty Glove is a solid option, there’s already a wide array of Pitchers already available within MLB The Show. So, if you’re just looking to complete the collection, maybe this one is for you.