How to unlock 99 OVR Mookie Betts in MLB The Show 21

. 11 months ago
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Collections are a massive part of MLB The Show 21, and there’s already been some insane ones that have been released in the game this year. But, a new one featuring Legends and Flashback cards is going to provide players an ample amount of rewards!

Diamond Dynasty is constantly releasing new and exciting cards for MLB The Show players to achieve within the game completely free of charge. This is one of the stellar aspects of the game, as they’re constantly adding new content, whether it’s in the form of Player of The Month or annual Collections.

Speaking of these Collections, this is one of the larger components of Diamond Dynasty, as players will need to find and collect series of cards within certain sets. Once they’ve completed a certain amount of sets, this’ll be used for unlocked a special 99 OVR Diamond card for your squad.

A new one centered around Flashbacks and Legends is here, and we’re going to run over a complete guide for it and what cards you’ll need to have.

San Diego Studio
99 OVR Rivera was the first big collection for MLB The Show 21!

What are Collections in MLB The Show?

Essentially, all Collections are is a set of players and sets that you’ll need to collect over the course of the year.

Then you’ll be able to exchange these cards to complete a certain set in order to unlock the prize card.

For those who don’t already know, all cards within Diamond Dynasty fall under some sort of specific card set, whether it is Milestone or Awards card, they all have some sort of classification.

Legends and Flashback Collection

San Diego Studio
The new Mookie Betts Awards card is absolutely insane!

Mookie Betts has been named the new rewards card for completing the second Legend and Flashbacks Collection set. This came as a bit of a surprise to fans, as many were expecting a Roberto Clemente card, but this Mookie card may be the best in the game as of now.

Here are the requirements you’ll need to complete 15 of the following series in order to get enough vouchers to exchange it for the 99 OVR Mookie.

  • 25 Milestone
  • 20 2nd Half Heroes
  • 35 Prospects
  • 12 Prime Series
  • 20 Awards
  • 10 Signature Series
  • 80 Topps Now
  • 45 Monthly Awards
  • 35 Rookie’s
  • 20 Future Stars
  • 25 Breakout Stars
  • 45 All-Stars
  • 40 Veteran Cards
  • 25 Postseason Cards
  • 99 OVR Jackie Robinson
  • 99 OVR Shohei Ohtani

It’s quite the haul you’ll need to collect in order to obtain this card, and many of you will be a few off with the release of the new collection. But, over time, this number should dwindle down, and eventually, you’ll be able to unlock Mookie!

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