How to level up your 6th Inning Program fast in MLB The Show 21

San Diego Studio

Completing the Inning Program as fast as possible is a great way to get a hold of some of the amazing cards within MLB The Show 21, and there’s some handy tips and collections you can complete in order to obtain XP fast! 

A new Inning Program within MLB The Show 21 has arrived, and players are eager to earn cards such as Finest Aaron Nolan and 99 OVR Matt Kemp. But, before you’re able to snag these cards, you’ll have to progress through the Inning Program.

This can be daunting at first glance, as there’s a lot of XP you’ll need to gather beforehand. But, San Diego Studios has always provided ways for players to earn XP quickly.

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We’re going to run over some tips and tricks that you should tackle first in order to level up your 6th Inning Program fast.

henchman packSan Diego Studio
Joakim Soria and Dexter Fowler headline some of the lower-level choice packs within this program.


Conquest has become one of the best offline modes for players to tackle, as SDS often adds hidden rewards such as free packs or stubs for players to find.

With the release of the 6th Inning Program, players can complete the new Spiral Conquest map, which you’ll find some Kitchen Sink packs throughout. As well, when you finish this map, you’ll earn an additional 35,000 XP to go towards the program itself.

Topps Now and Daily Moments

Andrew signature seriesSan Diego Studio
Players should have Signature Andrew McCutchen unlocked by completing their daily moments.

Another aspect that has become a handy way to earn XP and other rewards has been the Daily Moments and weekly Topps Now cards that they implement every Friday. These are a quick way to earn XP, as most of the time these challenges aren’t\ too complicated to complete.

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All the challenges are either played on Rookie or Veteran difficulty, making it significantly easier to finish these fast!

Online modes

Finally, we’re going to talk briefly about some of the online modes that are available for players to partake in. Ranked Seasons and Battle Royal are the main ones, as these game modes offer some incredible XP for players to earn.

While these are time-consuming, you’ll gain plentiful XP for your troubles, and it’s also a great way to test out some cards for your Diamond Dynasty roster.