MLB The Show 21: Best boss card for 6th Inning Program

mlb the show 6th inning boss packSan Diego Studio

The new Inning Program has arrived within MLB The Show 21, and there’s a lot of cards for players to obtain throughout. However, the 6th Inning Boss pack is going to provide some stellar cards for players to use. 

Every month, San Diego Studios implements a new Inning Program of players to complete through gaining XP by playing Ranked Seasons, Conquest, and more modes.

One of the best benefits of these events is the ample amount of cards players have the chance to get, through choice packs. Over previous Inning Programs, these cards have become staples of Diamond Dynasty rosters, from 99 OVR Troy Glaus to 99 OVR Nolan Ryan.

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With the new 6th Inning Program, there are some amazing cards yet again, and we’re going to run over which ones you should choose within MLB The Show 21.

San Diego Studio
Finest cards are back during this Inning Program with Aaron Nolan and Lorenzo Cain.

Who are the boss cards for the 6th Inning Program?

As with any Inning Program within MLB The Show, players will get to choose from one of three 99 OVR boss cards to add to their collection. This time around, we have the following options.

  • Pedro Martinez – Pitcher
  • George Brett –  3B
  • Matt Kemp – CF

As per usual, SDS has added three players that play at three entirely different positions, so this may lean your decision to one over the other. But, regardless of who you pick, there’re going to bolster your lineup right away.

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Keep in mind, when building your Diamond Dynasty lineup, power-hitting and effective pitching are going to be your primary outlets for success. Keep in mind when picking a pitching card, if they’re able to throw a Sinker or an effective Slider, then you may want to lean towards them, as they’re the meta pitches right now.

Which boss card should I choose?

best boss card to pick up

The choice yet again comes down to two players in our eyes, and it’ll either be up to Pedro Martinez or Matt Kemp. George Brett is a useful card but doesn’t bolster enough power to replace any of the current 3B within the game.

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Below, we’re going to run these two cards and what separates them from one another.

Pedro Martinez

San Diego Studio
Pedro has some impressive stats, but players feel a bit underwhelmed with his card.

Martinez is arguably the greatest pitcher of all time, and his card within MLB The Show 21 has left fans a bit underwhelmed. Mainly due to his 4SFB not having the Outlier attribute, along with his H/9 rating only being 102.

This means the opponent’s PCI will not be reduced in size drastically compared to other pitchers such as Ryan. But, Pedro does throw the following pitches.

  • 4SFB – 98 MPH
  • Circle-Change – 78 MPH
  • Slider – 88 MPH
  • Sinker – 94 MPH
  • Curveball – 73 MPH

This is a great combination of pitches, so this may lean players to opt for this card, but SDS has also added a pretty stellar Matt Kemp card, which we’ll run over below.

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Matt Kemp

San Diego Studio
Kemp was a staple of the Dodgers outfield for numerous years.

Players have been looking for a card to replace Mike Trout in CF since the game released, and while Ronald Acuna was a viable option for many, this new Kemp card may take over many player’s outfields.

Kemp has maxed out power versus left-handed pitchers, along with 102 versus right-handed pitchers. So, this card is reliable on both sides of the plate, and also has some above-average fielding, and has enough speed to snag a few bases against players.

The choice is ultimately up to you, and we believe both of these cards are going to be chosen equally by players!

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