MrBeast creates Minecraft GameStop for $5000 assault course challenge

Luke Edwards
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After a brief hiatus, Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has returned to YouTube in fine form and created an insane scale replica of GameStop in Minecraft – with a twist.

While he is best known for his antics on his main channel, where he shows off his now global burger chain and displays ridiculous giveaways, MrBeast takes his philanthropy to a very creative level on his second channel, MrBeast Gaming.

He occasionally rampages around Los Santos on GTA 5 or roots out imposters on Among Us, but no game combines MrBeast’s imagination and ambition quite like Minecraft.

With the endless possibilities Minecraft provides, he’s done everything from literally giving a player an actual house as a reward for their building skills in-game, and even gave one streamer a $50k prize just for defeating the Ender Dragon. But this latest Minecraft challenge is arguably one of the most impressive yet.

MrBeast in an Instagram picture
MrBeast is well-known for his crazy YouTube challenges.

On June 5, MrBeast created a literal scale replica of a GameStop store, and told the lucky contestant, called Xenon, they could grab as much stuff as they wanted without going over his card limit.

His team had created actual replica drops of real-life items, like PS5s, gaming headsets, and gift cards. After Xenon had grabbed a PS5 and Nintendo Switch, MrBeast told them they could technically pick up the entire contents of the store without going over the limit – only they had just 15 seconds left.

Panic ensued, and Xenon was able to pick up a ridiculous $5,000 worth of goodies. Yet, when he thought he was home and dry, there was one more twist in the tale.

MrBeast informed them that an “obstacle course of death” had been built outside the GameStop, which they would have to traverse without dying in order to keep their prizes.

After some help from Chris Tyson’s healing potions, and a brick staircase courtesy of Karl Jacobs, Xenon made it across the assault course to secures the prizes.

This isn’t the first time MrBeast has essentially bought out a GameStop for the purposes of a challenge. Back in January, when GameStop stocks were at their peak, he literally bought out five GameStops just to give their products away for free.

What he’ll get up to next on Minecraft remains to be seen – but it’ll take a lot to be as impressive as this ridiculous GameStop replica.

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