MrBeast spends insane amount buying out five stores just to give it all away

Published: 11/Jan/2021 11:55

by Jacob Hale


You’ll be hard pushed to find a YouTuber that spends more money in the name of great content than Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson, but now he’s bought out five entire stores and racked up an insane bill — just to give everything away.

After discussing how his main YouTube channel costs him a “ridiculous amount of money,” it’s clear to see why — especially when he spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on videos without a sponsor.

In the past, we’ve seen Jimmy buy out entire stores and give away the contents to those who need it most, or to people fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time.

Now, he’s done it again, but this time he had to go even bigger and bought out the entire contents of five different stores just to give everything away — including an entire car lot.

mrbeast holding pile of games at gamestop
Instagram: mrbeast
MrBeast and co. bought out an entire GameStop, as well as other stores, for this video — and it wasn’t cheap.

The first place that MrBeast and his friends tackled was a clothing store, which will likely go a long way for people in need during these colder winter months.

After buying out everything there for $85,000, the crew also bought out an entire GameStop and a car lot, giving away all of the cars there, that day, to people who came in, completely free of charge.

Finally, they filled eight U-Hauls with food from a grocery store, once again as a charitable donation, which cost them over $120,000 — and that’s including leaving things there so that the community can still go in and buy the groceries they need!

Finally, Jimmy spoke about the food pantry he’s started running to give back to the community — something he’s going to post content for on his Beast Philanthropy channel — and it’s admirable seeing what he’s doing to give back to people who need it.

Overall, Jimmy said he spent around $600-700,000 on the video, which all came out of his own pocket rather than that of a sponsor, and you won’t find many YouTubers that are doing things like that.

The big question is, how does MrBeast go up from that? It seems to be a question we ask after each of his videos, but he’s constantly finding new ways to level up his content, so we can’t imagine what he has up his sleeve for the future.


Noah Beck hits out at Instagram for taking down his racy photoshoot

Published: 19/Jan/2021 17:30

by Alice Hearing


Noah Beck is known for his chiseled abs and muscular physique, but the TikTok sensation has hit out at Instagram after some racy images proved a little too much for the platform.

Noah is a 19-year-old social media star who, after joining popular TikTok collective Sway House along with stars like Bryce Hall, found that his following skyrocketed, making him a very popular member of the community.

Noah Beck was captured by photographer Damon Baker this week, who has previously photographed his girlfriend Dixie D’Amelio, and other celebrities like Cole Sprouse, Ross Lynch, and Rami Malek.

The images of Noah Beck show him oiled up in nothing but a pair of black Calvin Klein boxers, and from some particularly revealing angles that have driven his fans crazy.

However, while the images have some fans asking for a cold shower, Instagram isn’t too happy with it. Baker addressed this in the caption of his post of the set of photos.

He wrote, “Trigger warning @noahbeck (Instagram keeps deleting this post for being offensive because art, as always, is oppressed!) please someone help me understand what is so offensive about a confident male body?! Free Art!”

Noah himself also called out Instagram in his story, adding “y’all soft over at Instagram… stop taking my stuff down. Like yes, I was kind of naked but like..not completely lol, I didn’t violate any guidelines.”

At the time of writing, Instagram’s rules around nudity say the following: “We allow sex-positive content and discussion, but we do not allow content that facilitates or coordinates sexual encounters between adults.”

Meanwhile, the images are being shared without limit over on Twitter, but with some mixed reactions. Some users are begging for the images to be removed from their timeline, some are spamming the search results with “Forget Noah Beck” and adding images of other attractive celebrities. That said, many, many others are clearly very much enjoying the eye candy.