Airrack takes over a MrBeast Burger in hilarious attempt to convert his subscribers

Airrack takes over a mrbeast burgerYouTube/airrack

YouTuber airrack decided the best way to grow his own channel would be to take over a MrBeast Burger truck and the results speak for themselves in a hilarious video.

MrBeast Burger took the internet by storm in 2020 when the YouTuber superstar unveiled that he had kicked off his own restaurant chain with plenty of delivery options.

Amusingly, it was those delivery options, such as taking over a whole truck, that airrack believed was his ticket to converting MrBeast subscribers into his own.

In his May 31 YouTube video, airrack managed to convince MrBeast’s manager, Reed, to borrow the MrBeast Burger SUV.

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airrack poses with friendsYouTube/airrack
Airrack managed to convince people to unsubscribe to MrBeast.

From there, the YouTuber was all set to deliver burgers with a special version of the app that rerouted all the traffic from a kitchen just so he could take care of the orders himself.

Plus, as an added bonus, airrack explained that “everyone within a six mile radius of this restaurant got a notification on their phone that they have the option for a special order, which is us!”

Alongside fellow YouTuber Jesse James West, airrack began to take orders in an attempt to surpass MrBeast in subs “one by one.”

The routine basically became as follows: deliver orders to people, check if they were subscribed to MrBeast, make them unsubscribe, and then subscribe to airrack instead.

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Amusingly, people were quite willing to unsubscribe to the philanthropist and follow airrack in his place, resulting in the YouTuber believing he had a good opportunity at actually moving ahead of Jimmy, albeit just for one day.

When all was said and done, the YouTuber checked out SocialBlade to compare his numbers to his opponents and while he managed to gain 20K subs, MrBeast went up by 100K.

Airrack gives away mrbeast burgersYouTube/airrack
Free MrBeast Burgers? Why not?!

“So everything we did today was pointless,” he laughed. To make up for the shenanigans, airrack and his crew decided to just give burgers away to random folks on the street and managed to give away 100 in just five minutes.

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While this was certainly one of the weirder moments in MrBeast Burger history, at least it ended with a lot of people getting a free lunch.