MoistCr1TiKaL slams “dangerous” Minecraft stans amid TommyInnit ‘cancelled’ drama

YouTuber: Moistcritikal next to Minecraft player TommyinnitYouTube: penguinz0 / TommyOutit

Charlie ‘MoistCr1TiKaL’ White called out Minecraft stans for being “toxic” and “unhealthy.” The YouTuber slammed obsessed viewers after Minecraft content creator TommyInnit announced he had to seek therapy due to fans attacking him.

Popular Minecraft player TommyInnit found himself embroiled in controversy on June 10 when his friendship with JSchlatt came under fire. The 17-year-old was #1 trending on social media after users tried to cancel him over his relationship.

MoistCr1TiKal defended the young entertainer during his June 18 upload and called the Minecraft stans “piranhas” purposely looking for blood. According to the YouTuber, the obsessed fandom has become a “detriment” to society.

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Moistcritikal during YouTube videoYouTube: penguinz0
The popular YouTuber called out Minecraft’s “toxic” stans.

MoistCr1TiKaL says Minecraft stans have become the most “toxic” group online

In his latest upload, White hit out what he calls “Minecraft stans” for purposely looking to be miserable. “They go out of their way to just make themselves as miserable as possible and find things to be upset about. And it’s usually the things they love the most. They absolutely murder the content creators they are obsessed with,” he said.

Cr1TiKaL went on to explain that they have an unhealthy obsession over needing their favorite YouTuber to be perfect: “If anything goes even slightly awry with the perfect image they have of their Minecraft YouTuber, they lose their f**king minds about it and go on an absolute Twitter rampage and trend everything about it.”

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The YouTuber then addressed the drama with Tommyinnit, and called out viewers attacking a 17-year-old. “He’s having to go to therapy now and doesn’t want to engage online anymore. Which is pretty extreme considering he’s a 17- year-old kid. So they successfully bullied a child. For nothing. It’s unhealthy. They will turn around from worship to absolute hatred and vilifying him. It’s sad to see,” he said.

MoistCr1TiKal concluded his rant arguing that these Minecraft fans want control over their entertainers: “What stans want is complete control over their favorite Minecraft YouTuber. They want to treat them like an action figure they can move around. It’s wild at how much control they want over the Minecraft content creators. I honestly don’t know how more of these YouTubers haven’t snapped at the stans.”

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He also pointed out that other large fandoms don’t have the same issues with toxicity. “It’s only Minecraft. MrBeast is three times the size of even the biggest Minecraft player and he has none of this s**t. MrBeast’s community is the nicest on the internet. They’re constantly uplifting each other. And you don’t see any of this from them. So there is clearly a way to do it.”