Minecraft players want this eliminated mob added to the game

Jessica Filby
Minecraft Live Mob Vote

Minecraft fans are calling for an eliminated mob to be added to the game in future updates, with many reminiscing on the ideas that never made it past the mob vote.

During every Minecraft Live, Mojang will allow the community to vote for the mob they want to add to the game. The winner will appear in the next update, while the others will pretty much be scrapped. However, on occasion, some of those scrapped mobs will be added to the game, much to fans’ excitement.

Now, with the 1.21 update on its way, Minecraft players are looking once again at the eliminated mobs, with many pointing out the suggestions Mojang has to add to the game soon.

Minecraft players call for eliminated mob to be revived

Posting the question on Reddit, one user asked the community: “If only one of the eliminated mobs could be revived, who would you pick?

Along with the question, they shared a few mobs to jog players’ memories, sharing adorable creations from the Penguin to the Crab.

Although players were quick to highlight their favorites, a few mobs in particular took the top spot for plenty. “

“The crab is so cute I wish it won” commented one user, with many echoing their love for the adorable creature from the 2023 mob vote: “The crab was the obvious best choice, it’s cuter than all the other mobs, and yes, even 1 or 2 blocks extra reach is really good.”

One of the most popular suggestions was the Copper Golem, with many fans taking a look at the upcoming Copper blocks and suggesting that the Golem could be a use for the soon-to-be abundant resource: “Copper golem had so much potential to add life to towns/villages and also randomize contraptions to bring villages alive because they pressed buttons.”

Others went much further back than the last few years, with one suggesting the Iceologer.” They went on to explain how “It was an actual intriguing hostile mob with a cool concept behind it.” Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to be added anytime soon, with the Breeze being revealed for 1.21. That being said, it’s clear all fans are always looking to see some previously beloved creatures being added to the game soon.

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