MTG players shocked after discovering card that can turn any creature into a Commander

Jack Bye
MTG Wizard from Beyond Jodah

Wizard from Beyond is an exclusive card given to Wizards of the Coast’s staff.

MTG players are always on the hunt for the next big Commander, and a newly revealed card potentially presents many more choices.

Wizard from Beyond is a new Legendary Enchantment Background that can be cast with WUBRG. With this background in play, any non-legendary creature can be its player’s Commander. Additionally, Wizard from Beyond doubles up on ability triggers.

Wizard from Beyond is powerful but limited

MTG Wizard from Beyond card

While this card is absurdly powerful, potentially blowing the Commander format wide open, don’t panic. Wizard from Beyond is not legal for regular magic play and is unlikely to be acquired by players at large.

The card is intended for exclusive use by Wizards of the Coast’s employees, handed out to the D&D Beyond team once Hasbro acquired D&S Beyond. This makes Wizard from Beyond a novelty celebration card in the same vein as Elusen the Giving and Byode, Inverse Sun.

Will Wizard from Beyond be reprinted?

Commander is an incredibly popular format, easily claiming its current place as MTG’s most popular in-person game type. Given how absurdly powerful this background is and how many broken Commander options It opens up, It might be for the best that this card can’t be used in standard Commander play.

Still, given that Universes Beyond cards such as the Street Fighter Secret Lair have seen reprints as in-universe cards, there’s precedent for previously unusable cards joining MTG’s active roster. For those that love the Wizard from Beyond background, perhaps there’s still a slim hope.