MTG Commander Masters Sliver Swarm precon decklist

Sliver Gravemother on commander masters art

The MTG Commander Masters Sliver preconstructed deck is a pretty powerful typal deck that Sliver fans have been hungering over since it was announced. Here’s what you need to know from what the deck contains to the general strategy.

MTG Commander Masters set is seeing a lot of reprints of powerful staples for the Commander format. While priced at a premium, this release allowed players to get their hands on expensive and hard-to-find cards for the game’s most popular format. To go alongside the set, four separate preconstructed Commander decks came alongside it.

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Sliver Swarm is a deck for anyone who has ever loved Slivers, obviously. The creature type is one of the most popular to build around, with each often buffing others on the battlefield and beyond. It’s one of the strongest creature types to build an entire deck around due to their absurd synergy. This deck is also one that’s not afraid to sit back and build its hive, ready to garner strength for devastating attacks.

If you’re wondering what the deck actually comes with and how best to utilize it, worry not. Here’s the typal MTG Commander Masters Sliver precon deck that will fulfill all your slithering desires.

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MTG Commander Masters Sliver strategy

Rukarumel, Biologist In Magic the Gathering

Sliver Swarm is not a terribly complex deck to get the hang of, and it’s a great starting point if you’re still getting used to Commander. If you’ve played a typal deck, you know what you are in store for here.

Your objective is to play a lot of Sliver cards, filling your board with creatures that all buff one another with powerful abilities.

If you even get a handful of the many, many Slivers in this deck, you’ll become very dangerous, as all of them become more powerful and laden with different keywords. This is why you will want to race out as many as possible.

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One of the benefits, though potentially the biggest drawbacks here, is that Sliver Gravemother is a five-color commander, meaning you have access to a lot of spells, but also, you may have some trouble getting the mana base sorted out. The deck comes with a lot of slower lands so it might take some time to get them all together.

However, if you can overcome this and have access to the mana base you need, and remain relatively stable, you can dish out immense pain. You can also build up to enormous attacks across the table with the Sliver Gravemother ability, which we will get into below.

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MTG Commander Masters Sliver Commander 

Sliver Gravemother

Sliver Gravemother

Sliver Gravemother is a pretty gnarly commander for this Sliver typal deck. This card makes sure that each of your slivers, of which there are many in this deck, will return for one more scare to each player, even after being killed.

Her abilities read: “The “legend rule” doesn’t apply to Slivers you control.

Each Sliver creature card in your graveyard has Encore X, where X is its mana value.

Encore 5 (, Exile this card from your graveyard: For each opponent, create a token copy that attacks that opponent this turn if able. They gain haste. Sacrifice them at the beginning of the next end step. Activate only as a sorcery.)

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This essentially means you can pay the cost of a Sliver in your graveyard to get three tokens of that Sliver attacking each of your opponents that turn. If you have access to a lot of mana, you can have really explosive turns with lots of Slivers going out against every opponent at the table. This is a lot of trouble for everyone to deal with, and you’ll undoubtedly cause some havoc with her.

MTG Commander Masters Sliver decklist

Here’s a full decklist for the Silver Swarm commander deck from Creatures to Lands:

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  • Sliver Gravemother

Creatures – 43

Sliver Hivelord in Magic the Gathering
  • Galerider Sliver
  • Striking Sliver
  • Clot Sliver
  • Cloudshredder Sliver
  • Crypt Sliver
  • Crystalline Sliver
  • Diffusion Sliver
  • Gemhide Sliver
  • Hatchery Sliver
  • Hibernation Sliver
  • Manaweft Sliver
  • Quick Sliver
  • Sentinel Sliver
  • Sinew Sliver
  • Two-Headed Sliver
  • Venom Sliver
  • Winged Sliver
  • Blade Sliver
  • Blur Sliver
  • Firewake Sliver
  • Harmonic Sliver
  • Hollowhead Sliver
  • Lavabelly Sliver
  • Necrotic Sliver
  • Realmwalker
  • Spiteful Sliver
  • Syphon Sliver
  • Bonescythe Sliver
  • Bonesplitter Sliver
  • Capricious Sliver
  • Cleaving Sliver
  • Lazotep Sliver
  • Regal Sliver
  • Shifting Sliver
  • Taunting Sliver
  • Brood Sliver
  • Might Sliver
  • Rukarumel, Biologist
  • Sliver Hivelord
  • Synapse Sliver
  • Constricting Sliver
  • Megantic Sliver
  • Titan of Littjara

Instants – 1

For the Ancestors in Magic the Gathering
  • For the Ancestors

Sorceries – 10

  • Farseek
  • Nature’s Lore
  • Three Visits
  • Cultivate
  • Harsh Mercy
  • Windfall
  • Crippling Fear
  • Decimate
  • Distant Melody
  • Cleansing Nova

Artifacts – 7

Vanquisher's Banner in Magic the Gathering
  • Sol Ring
  • Arcane Signet
  • Fellwar Stone
  • Pillar of Origins
  • Herald’s Horn
  • Icon of Ancestry
  • Vanquisher’s Banner

Enchantment – 1

  • Descendants’ Fury

Lands – 37

Seaside Citadel in Magic the Gathering
  • Ash Barrens
  • Canopy Vista
  • Cinder Glade
  • Command Tower
  • Exotic Orchard
  • Flood Plain
  • Forest
  • Frontier Bivouac
  • Grasslands
  • Irrigated Farmland
  • Island
  • Jungle Shrine
  • 2 Mountain
  • Mountain Valley
  • Mystic Monastery
  • Nomad Outpost
  • Opulent Palace
  • Path of Ancestry
  • 2 Plains
  • Prairie Stream
  • Rocky Tar Pit
  • Sandsteppe Citadel
  • Savage Lands
  • Scattered Groves
  • Seaside Citadel
  • Secluded Courtyard
  • Sheltered ThicketSmoldering Marsh
  • Sunken Hollow
  • 2 Swamp
  • Unclaimed Territory

That’s everything you need to know about the MTG Commander Masters Sliver precon deck. If you are interested in buying, here’s a link to TCGPlayer:

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