Madden 23 glitch goes viral after spawning skyscrapers on the football field

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A Madden 23 player went viral after encountering a bizarre glitch that spawned buildings across the gridiron mid-match.

Madden 23 has had a rocky lifecycle since being released in August 2022.

Fans of EA SPORTS’ football sim have pointed to the game’s myriad of glitches, and many in the Madden community even pitched a boycott of the game focusing on its expensive Ultimate Team packs.

Now, one Madden player has gone viral after displaying one of the strangest sports sim bugs we’ve ever seen, which meshed the playing field with stray buildings.

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Madden 23 player encounters ridiculous skyscraper bug

User Raiden10102 posted a bug they encountered in Madden 23 on their first playthrough of the Career mode to the Madden subreddit.

While lining up as a receiver at the line of scrimmage for the Baltimore Ravens, Raiden noticed tons of buildings randomly appearing on the field out of nowhere.

These buildings, which look like they are straight out of the background for the games’ various stadiums, obstructed their field of view, leaving them completely puzzled and making the game nearly impossible to play.

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Raiden explained in the comment section precisely what happened, “It’s my first Madden and already got two glitch/bugs. One on the face of the franchise, they switched my position for QB out of nowhere.”

Fellow Madden players immediately cracked jokes about the strange bug. One player said, “I see you got the SimCity edition of Madden.”

Another said, “Must be a home game.”

How exactly this glitch happened remains a mystery, but it certainly is one of the more game-breaking bugs players have encountered in the annual football sim.

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