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New Madden 19 Ultimate Team glitch allows players to easily complete solos

Published: 26/Feb/2019 20:14 Updated: 26/Feb/2019 23:24

by Joe Bartel


Following a busy morning which saw the release of a new Madden 19 Ultimate Team promo, a new Title Update and an update to the head-to-head House Rules format, a new exploit has been discovered that should make certain solos a little easier.

Glitches are certainly not a new thing for Madden 19, but one of this magnitude hasn’t been seen in quite some time. 

YouTuber and Twitch personality “Gutfoxx” outlined the glitch on stream, showcasing the best way to manipulate the broken mechanic.

The glitch works on solos that start with the CPU having the ball and needing to complete a specific objective. 

A user must first allow the challenge to be “failed”. When prompted, a user would then restart the solo, and should the user stop the challenge from being completed on that specific play, the entire sequence of the solo will be deemed “completed”.

It wouldn’t make much sense to do the glitch on certain challenges that require just one play to be stopped, but solos highlighting “drives” or “quarters” to complete the specified goal are likely to work with this format.

Note – It’s unclear if this glitch works for “Win the Game” solos where the only objective is to beat the CPU.

This glitch could have major implications for Madden Ultimate Team.

We tested the example listed above on the “Daily Drills Day 1 of 7” under the NFL Combine category. The specific solo shown in the example above, which worked, is “Pass Defense Drill: Day 1 of 7”.

As of now, no one has reported the glitch to work when the user starts the ball on offense, but this could be a helpful tool for users in need of finishing tricky “Journey” or “Gauntlet” solos that require completing specified defensive objectives.

After running through the glitch on his stream, Gutfoxx went into more detail and further explained it in a video posted to his official YouTube channel. 


Madden NFL launches multi-year collegiate program across 2,500 campuses

Published: 28/Oct/2020 14:06

by Adam Fitch


Electronic Arts and Learfield IMG College have entered a multi-year partnership to find future esports stars at colleges.

Level Next, The College Esports League, is said to support over 2,500 campuses across the United States and starts with Madden NFL 21. Beginning on November 9, registration is open to all college students that are attending a four-year accredited university.

The league will “feature at least one of EA’s esports franchises” and serves as the gaming company’s official home for collegiate esports.

There’s no word on other titles that the league may adopt in the future but EA are also behind FIFA, NHL, and Apex Legends.

Level Next, The College Esports League
Level Next, The College Esports League will initially utilize Madden NFL 21.

Taking collegiate esports to the next level?

An eight-week regular season will lead to playoffs and a culminating championship, with the winning team being named the national champions. The Fall Champions Series will have a $150,000 total prize pool.

The Madden NFL 21 Championship Series is the official top flight of competition for the American football game and includes sponsors such as Pizza Hut, Snickers, Verizon, and Gillette. The 2021 Club Championship, which is part of the series is set to give out $750,000 across its competitors.

“Until now, collegiate esports has been primarily small-scale, community-based and fragmented. This program will bring the excitement and camaraderie of college competition to a new level,” said Todd Sitrin, SVP of EA’s competitive efforts.

“By leveraging EA’s decades of experience at the intersection of traditional sports and esports, and Learfield IMG College’s unprecedented scale and position as the official rights holder for more than 200 universities and conferences, this collaboration will establish a much-needed structure within the collegiate esports ecosystem and help accelerate Madden NFL competitive gaming popularity.”

The ultimate goal of Level Next is to “unify competitive play at universities nationwide,” which also provides a platform for up-and-coming talent to show off their abilities.

Much like in traditional sports, esports organizers are looking to schools and colleges to create a talent pipeline across multiple gaming titles.