Lost Ark Under the Arkesian Sun update: Patch notes, release date, new features & more

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Lost Ark Lost Under Arkesian Sun

Lost Ark‘s next major patch, fittingly titled “Under the Arkesian Sun,” is nearly here to cap off the summer season. Check out the full patch notes for the update below.

Amazon Games has detailed what players can expect from the August patch, which focuses on pets this time around.


Under the Arkesian Sun Release date

Lost ark update Waterpop arena
The Under the Arkesian Sun patch is just one part of Lost Ark’s summer content.

According to the official Lost Ark blog post, the “Under the Arkesian Sun” patch will release on August 24, 2022, at 12 AM PT, and the downtime is expected to last around four hours.

Pet Ranch & Legendary pets

This update brings with it the Pet Ranch as well as the introduction of Legendary Pets. The Pet Ranch is a place where “Pets can play, grow into more helpful companions, and help you earn valuable rewards.”

Additionally, Pets can create “Jam Cookies” which can be exchanged for rewards and earn “Pet Expertise to level up and unlock new abilities.”

The Pet Ranch is a new location in the Stronghold where players can train their Pets to become stronger and generate valuable resources. The Pet Ranch will be separated into the Cookie Workshop and the Ranch.

It seems as though this facility will be heavily dependent on resources and time management.

lost ark pet ranch jam cookie machine
This machine produces Jam Cookies in the Pet Ranch.

For example, in the Ranch, Pets regain Morale; however, working in the Cookie Workshop will decrease a Pet’s morale. A Pet without morale can no longer produce Jam Cookies, meaning players won’t be able to exchange them for items like Vitameows, Arcane Batteries, and other helpful Ranch items.

Additionally, the amount of Jam Cookies produced depends on the Pet’s grade, increasing as the Pet is upgraded from Rare to Epic to Legendary. If you’re looking for a detailed breakdown of the Pet Ranch and Legendary pets, check out the dedicated blog post here.

Event Guardians

Event Guardians Lost Ark
Event Guardians add a fun twist to Guardian Raids.

Event Guardians have finally returned to Arkesia to add a fun twist on Guardian Raids! Take on the challenge alone or in a group and hunt down three Guardians in an arena with the Scale of Blance applied.

Keep in mind, to enter, you will need to be Combat Level 50 or above and Item Level 250 or above. Your goal is to attack the Event Guardian to cause it to drop buffs, which stack up to three times.

After defeating all three Guardians, tokens will drop in a rewards chest, which can be claimed once per day per character. Tokens from Event Guardians can be spent at an event vendor, who has a variety of valuable rewards that can be earned each week.

Maharaka Festival

Collect as many Maharaka tree leaves as possible during the Maharaka Festival and exchange them for valuable rewards!

This month, the ongoing Maharaka festival will add a new activity— Blooming Mokokos. Taking place every other hour in Maharaka Paradise, you receive Gold by finding blooming Mokokos. The more Mokokos you find, the better your chances!

Under the Arkesian Sun Patch notes & general updates

  • Re-enabled Powerpasses that were previously available in the store. Until September 7, a 25% discount will be available on Powerpasses. If the account’s highest Item Level is updated due to a purchased Powerpass, the account will have the following restrictions applied for 72 hours:
    • Cannot receive Gold billing mail
    • Cannot send mail with gold attached
    • Cannot send mail with items attached
    • Cannot send currency during 1:1 trade
    • Cannot offer items during 1:1 trade
    • Cannot purchase or register items on the market.
    • Cannot purchase, bid, or register items on the Auction House
    • Cannot participate in a loot auction
    • Cannot purchase Crystals
  • Raised the purchase limit of the Growth Support Packs from 1 to 3 per roster.
  • Refreshed Special Card Packages, Growth Support Packs, and other monthly reset
  • Added a new daily log-in reward track.
  • Gold earned from Una’s Tokens no longer arrives in the form of coins.

There you have it! That’s everything Lost Ark fans need to know about the “Under the Arkesian Sun” patch coming on August 24, 2022.

For more on the game, be sure to check out our tier list for the best classes.

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